Harley-Davidson Adds New Models to its 2022 Lineup

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
Shades of the beloved FXRT! The 2022 Low Rider ST will roll into dealers in March.

Two new baggers, two new Low Riders, and four updated CVO models add up to eight additions to the 2022 Harley-Davidson lineup.

“We are kickstands up at the dawn of a new day,” H-D says in its beautifully shot launch video.

“As part of our focus on stronghold segments, including Grand American Touring and Cruiser, the 2022 product line is designed for power and performance,” said Jochen Zeitz, Chairman, President and CEO, Harley-Davidson. “Each of these new models feature the unrivaled power of the Milwaukee-Eight 117 for those riders who want nothing but the biggest and the best, building on our position as the most desirable motorcycle brand in the world.”

In a bit of a surprise, the “Faster. Further” launch didn’t include a new variant of the Sportster S and its Revolution Max motor, but the company teased that we’ll see one or more versions later this year.

2022 Harley-Davidson Low Riders

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
The Low Rider ST and Low Rider S.

Perhaps the most intriguing new model is the Low Rider ST, which employs a fairing with styling nods to the revered FXRT of the 1980s. It is also fitted with hardshell saddlebags and greater suspension travel, plus the 117 cubic-inch Milwaukee-Eight powertrain with Heavy Breather intake and 2-into-2 offset shotgun exhaust. The Low Rider S also uses the 117ci M-8 in a more stripped-down model.

Both Low Riders have styling rooted in the California “tall bike” movement and are equipped with a taller rear monoshock than the standard Softail chassis, with 0.5-inch additional stroke that translates to 1 inch more rear-wheel travel and a 0.75-inch taller seat. Harley promises improved ride comfort and more than 1 degree of extra lean-angle clearance. Dual front brakes with 300mm discs are said to deliver the responsive braking demanded by aggressive riders.

The ST’s lockable saddlebags ride high and tight, and they can be quickly removed for a cleaner appearance. Combined saddlebag capacity is 1.9 cubic feet (53.8 liters).

“A key element of this model is the frame-mounted fairing, which has a shape inspired by the classic FXRT Sport Glide model fairing favored by West Coast customizers,” said Brad Richards, Harley-Davidson Vice President of Design. “With a dominant central headlamp flanked by side vents, the genetic connection to the original FXRT remains familiar. The sharper creases and revised proportions in the Low Rider ST fairing provide a look that is intended to be modern, athletic, and aerodynamically superior to the FXRT fairing.”

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
Could the Low Rider ST be the lightweight bagger of your dreams?

The ST’s six-inch windshield has a dark smoke tint, and the fairing holds a single 5.75-inch LED headlamp. A deep solo seat holds riders in place, and a 1-inch moto handlebar is mounted on four-inch pull-back risers. A low-profile textured-black console tops the 5-gallon fuel tank, with a compact digital display inset in the handlebar riser for a custom “no gauges” look. An audio system is an option.

“Our customers truly inspire us, and the Low Rider ST was born from seeing the incredible builds at motorcycle shows around the world,” said Richards. “We took the iconic Motor Company design from the Eighties and gave it a new identity with a modern echo. Add the Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine, a taller suspension and raised saddlebags, and the Low Rider ST delivers both a dynamic visual package as well as a dramatic performance punch.” 

Rugged, blacked-out styling includes Wrinkle Black finish on the powertrain, primary cover, triple clamps, top clamp, rear fender supports, and tank console, while Gloss Black finishes adorn the derby cover, intake, lower rocker covers, and handlebar riser. The handlebar is Satin Black. The forks are anodized black. Mufflers and exhaust shields are Jet Black. Radiate cast-aluminum wheels (19-inch front and 16-inch rear diameter) are finished in Matte Dark Bronze to contrast the Low Rider’s dark components.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
The Low Rider S includes a small windscreen and has mid-mount foot controls.

Color options for the Low Riders are Vivid Black or Gunship Gray. The S ($18,349) is available now, while the ST ($21,749) won’t arrive in dealers until late March.  

2022 Grand American Touring 

The Street Glide ST and Road Glide ST are said to elevate bagger performance and bring the purposeful style of the championship-winning MotoAmerica King Of The Baggers racebikes to the street. These hot-rod baggers also feature the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain that is dolled up with new dark and bronze finishes.

These baggers are equipped with Reflex linked Brembo brakes with ABS, a Boom! Box GTS infotainment system with a color touchscreen and navigation, cruise control, and Daymaker LED headlamps. MSRPs for both start at $29,999. 

Optional on the Grand American tourers is Harley’s Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements, which employ Cornering-Traction Control with ride modes, Cornering-ABS with linked braking, hill-hold control, and tire-pressure monitoring.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
The Street Glide ST in Gunship Gray.

The Street Glide ST uses a low-profile dark windshield atop its batwing fairing and unique engine guards that differ from other Touring models, as well as a trimmed front fender and a solo seat. Black is the dominant theme, as the brightwork is limited to the pushrod tubes and tappet covers and the machined cylinder fins. Matte Dark Bronze finishes on the Prodigy cast aluminum wheels, the color band on the lower rocker box, timer cover medallion, intake medallion, and the classic script tank graphic provide subtle contrast to dark finishes. The SG-ST will be available in two paint options: Vivid Black or Gunship Gray.  

The Road Glide ST uses the distinctive and shark-nose fairing with triple splitstream venting on the low-profile tinted windscreen to limit head buffeting. A low-profile engine guard and tank console combine to give the Road Glide ST trim lines. A new solo seat exposes the rear fender, and the front fender is a new trimmed version.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
The Road Glide ST in Gunship Gray and Vivid Black.

Suspension is similar to the SG-ST, with emulsion-technology rear shocks with hydraulic preload adjustments and a 49mm fork with dual bending-valve technology. It’s also equipped with the Boom! Box GTS infotainment system with a color touchscreen, two fairing-mount speakers, and a hidden radio antenna.  

Like the SG-ST, the RG-ST features blacked-out finishes for the front end, controls, powertrain, and exhaust, with shiny highlights from bright pushrod tubes and tappet covers and machined cylinder fins. Further contrast is provided by a Matte Dark Bronze finish on the cast aluminum Prodigy custom wheels, the color band on the lower rocker box, timer-cover medallion, intake medallion, and the script tank graphic. The two paint options are Vivid Black or Gunship Gray.

2022 Custom Vehicle Operations (CVO) 

Four updated CVOs join H-D’s 2022 lineup, “designed to represent the pinnacle of style and design.” The premium limited-production factory custom models boast exclusive and hand-crafted paint, as well as high-end features like a Rockford Fosgate audio system, a Boom! Audio 30K Bluetooth headset, and the Cornering Rider Safety Enhancements system. Each is fitted with the Milwaukee-Eight 117 powertrain. 

CVOs have always featured the best in paintwork, and that’s the case with these 2022 offerings.

“Gunslinger is our partner in custom paint that’s been adding incredible artisanal techniques to our CVO arsenal and family for a long time now, and they’re inspiring us to push the limits, so we try to do the same thing with them,” said Brad Richards. “When most manufacturers are at the limits of a robot, Gunslinger can go in there with an artist who has the ability to brush by hand and deliver the sharpest pinstripe possible. That hand-applied technique allows for very intricate two-tones, three-tones, airbrush drop shadows, and really transcends the ‘expected’ by delivering a truly custom look.” 

The CVO Street Glide “is a super-premium bagger for the rider who rolls loud and proud” behind the iconic batwing fairing. It features a Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather intake, new decorative insert finishes and Scorched Chrome powertrain covers (with the Blue Steel paint option), Rockford Fosgate Stage II premium sound, heated Kahuna Collection hand grips that match Kahuna Collection shifter pegs, brake pedal cover, muffler end caps, and rider and passenger pegs, plus a Daymaker Adaptive LED headlamp.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
The CVO Street Glide in its Envious Green with Black Hole Fade and Flame Pattern colorway with Gloss Black finishes.

Fugitive wheels can be had with gloss black and contrast chrome, all gloss black, or Blue Steel and contrast scorched chrome finish, depending on paint options. New paint colorways include Hightail Yellow Pearl/Black Hole with Lightning Silver Two-Tone and Bright Chrome finishes, Envious Green with Black Hole Fade with Flame Pattern and Gloss Black finishes, and Blue Steel solid color with Scorched Chrome finishes. Prices start at $41,899.  

The CVO Road Glide ($41,899) uses frame-mounted shark-nose fairing and its distinctive dual LED headlamps. Additionally, it uses an exclusive 21-inch front wheel with an 18-inch rear with laced spokes mated to cast-aluminum rims for a cool look that also enables the use of a tire-pressure monitoring system on a laced wheel. The bike also boasts Rockford Fosgate Stage II audio, and the fairing features splitstream venting to mitigate head buffeting.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
Check out the laced 21-inch front wheel with cast aluminum rims on the 2022 CVO Road Glide.

Color options include Wicked Orange Pearl/Black Hole with Lightning Silver Two-Tone and Bright Chrome finishes, Envious Green with Black Hole Fade with Flame Pattern and Gloss Black finishes, and Blue Steel solid color with Scorched Chrome finishes. A Screamin’ Eagle Heavy Breather intake and Fang front spoiler round out the styling upgrades.  

The CVO Road Glide Limited raises the bar for luxury and long-haul comfort, as it’s equipped with premium audio and heated seats and grips, as well as most of the non-Limited CVO Road Glide features. Its M-8 motor is the Twin-Cooled version.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
You’ll feel like the king of the road on the 2022 CVO Road Glide Limited.

Like the CVO Street Glide, the RG Limited uses heated Kahuna Collection hand grips that match shifter pegs, brake pedal cover, muffler end caps, and rider/passenger boards. The wheels are Harley’s Tomahawk hoops. Paint options include Wicked Orange Pearl/Black Hole with Lightning Silver Two-Tone and Bright Chrome finishes, Hightail Yellow Pearl/Black Hole with Lightning Silver Two-Tone and Bright Chrome finishes, and Dante’s Red with Dante’s Black Sunglo Fade Flame Pattern and Gloss Black finishes. Prices start at $44,899.  

And for something that will never tip over at a stop, the CVO Tri Glide trike offers distinctive style and long-haul touring capability, along with a premium audio system and the Twin-Cooled 117ci Milwaukee-Eight motor. It also gets the Tomahawk contrast-cut wheels and heated Kahuna Collections grips and dual-zone heated seats. The new paint scheme is Dante’s Red with Dante’s Black Sunglo Fade Flame Pattern and Bright Chrome finishes. It’s priced at $49,999.

Harley-Davidson Announces New Models to 2022 Lineup
The CVO Tri Glide in its new Dante’s Red colorway.

Visit H-D.com to learn more about the lineup of 2022 Harley-Davidson motorcycles, gear, accessories, and more.


  1. “ST” is rather unimaginative. It reminds me of the Honda ST, which I don’t care for.
    Harley is usually more thoughtful with nomenclature.

    • Like FXR? Why don’t they call it the mini-bagger? Talk about unimaginative, but it’s Sport Touring Low Rider. That’s Harley speak if price is the problem, find shop elsewhere! LOL

  2. I like Harley’s for their nostalgia. I would keep a classic in my garage without question. That said, they haven’t produced anything worth buying in a long, long time. It’s also not too exciting becoming part of the biggest douchebag club in the world. The old vintage Harley’s will however always hold a place in my heart.

  3. I have been riding Harley-Davidson motorcycles all my life. At 67 years old I am still riding my 2006 Fatbot dressed up like a Heritage Softail. My starter Harley was a 1976 iron head sportster. I think around 2600 bucks. The Evo in my opinion was the best motor they ever made. I purchased a 1988 Heritage Softail in 1988 for 10,500 new. They have gotten so out of touch with their loyal riders that it amazes me they are still in business. I was at a dealer the other day. I bought 2 tee shirts. I was looking at a street glide. Low 30 thousand range. I will retire from buying any new bikes and riding my 06 Fatboy into the sunset.

  4. I have owned and ridden just about everything including Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Triumph, BMW and HD. My 2021 Road King Special is phenomenal. Fabulous design. Excellent quality. Smooth, powerful, comfortable, etc. Sadly, the cost of everything is elevated, but HD is not out of line with their pricing.

    • At 70 yo I needed something with a seat for my wife so I bought an ultra classic. Was going to buy another new bike last year but they took away the heel shifter. My ankles don’t bend the way they once did. Dealer asked what they did wrong, I said if I were you, I would have slapped a shifter on it and called it a day. Haven’t looked at a new bike since.

  5. Harley is way outta touch in the last 10 years or so,..when they discontinued the Dyna line and made everything a soft tail,that was the end for me with buying Harley,..hopefully the one i have now will last till the end of days for me.

  6. Been on H-D V twins since comin back from my all expense paid, round-trip vacation to beautiful SE Asia, with The Marine Corps in 66-67, 68-70 & 71-72. I have loved HD like my own blood all these years. But, since I can’t print my own $, and I don’t rob banks, I guess I’ll just have to ride my old sled off into the sunset. It’s a shame HD can’t build an affordable motorcycle any more. “SEMPER Fi”

  7. Expensive, YES! But not a throw away Import. Has anyone priced a new Pick Up Truck lately. Ford F150 is almost as much as I paid for my first house in 1997.
    Not saying you get what you pay for anymore, these times are crazy, but Harley’s are manufactured in the USA (labor isn’t cheap) and will last you a very long time if not a lifetime if taken care of.
    Ride Safe.

  8. Been riding bikes since I was 9, bought my first new bike at 13. A Honda S-90. Been riding HD since 1980 . Not replacing my like new DUECE. Love the counterbalanced engine. HD should have built them for the touring bikes.

  9. I have been riding for 50 years now and have owned 5 HDs in the past. There is nothing in their line up that interests me now since they dropped the Dyna line.
    I currently have a 22 Triumph Speedmaster Gold line on order and I think it may be the last bike I purchase to ride off into the sunset.

  10. Using words like lightweight and performance for these bikes should be considered satire. In reality they don’t have either. This is more of a sales brochure for overpriced hogs than info on dynamic motorcycles. Too bad Harley only pays lip service to real performance most of the time and instead focuses on hype.

  11. I traded my 2020 CVO Street Glide for a 2021 Indian Roadmaster. I’m 64 and have own Harleys all my life. I hated the CVO, big POS. Love my new Roadmaster, best move I ever made regarding motorcycles.

  12. Harley’s doing the same thing over again, with different paint colors and schemes and expecting different results 🤔.
    Building bikes that run from 40k to 60k USD and double and triple that throughout the rest of the free world can only be part of the solution for Harley-Davidson to continue to survive.
    Attention Harley-Davidson owner operators, listen to what your customers are telling you that they want then build that and do it right, make it more than functional, make it American iron again and make it affordable.
    Hey HD! There’s a challenge!
    I like HDs Pan America. My personal opinion it’s little cumbersome for where I’d want to ride off-road.
    Here’s an idea HD! clone the revolution max engine in a 400 cc and an 800cc, install in India’s Royal Enfield Himalayan style/frame to the price point(*hint). A very large class of riders of enduro style platforms still remain in the free United States. Not all Americans are pure street riders 😎

  13. 2022 Heritage Classic starts at $20799. A1988 heritage purchased at $10,500 is equivalent to $24,921. That means you are paying less than your 1988 for a much more advanced machine.

  14. Your request would be impossible to carry out. To get Royal Enfield prices, one would have to build the bike in India like the RE. I can tell you have been spoiled by imports, which do not scream freedom, but instead the loss of jobs for American workers. Going for the lowest price has sent out jobs overseas, and left only services jobs which only pay minimum wage for those that do not have college degrees. Just recently, the USA has lost the ability to make light bulbs and adjustable wrenches. What other items will the USA lose the ability to manufacturer in the near future did the cheap attitudes of Americans?

  15. Sorry, some bolt on bags or a new paint scheme or a little mod on an engine do not make a “new model” in my definition.

  16. In 83 late I bought my 84 Fxrt #11 and drove it till 2003. Purchase price 7700 out the door. Sold it in 03 for 7000. Not going happen again. I would still buy one now to redo with a S&S engine.

  17. I’ve rode Harleys since 1975 bought a new sportster, since then bought a 2000 road king, 2003 deuce , just bought a 2022 Triglide to ride in Florida on the sand expensive,
    The dealerships are so sketchy and not very trust worthy these days. Not like the old days.


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