New Gear: KTM 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE Electric Balance Bikes

KTM 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE Electric Balance Bikes

KTM’s 12eDRIVE and 16eDRIVE electric balance bikes allow youngsters to discover the basics of bars, wheels, torque, and balance. The kid-friendly e-bikes have key differences. The 12eDRIVE is the ideal starter, with 12-inch wheels and a 13-inch seat height, allowing riders to learn to push or coast with confidence. The 16eDRIVE is for taller riders, and it has a higher-output motor, 16-inch wheels, and a 17-inch seat height. Both have pneumatic tires, an aluminum frame, and a BMX-style fork. They offer 30-60 minutes of run time and require 45-60 minutes of charging time.

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