C. Jane Taylor: Ep. 32 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Motorcyclist and author of Spirit Traffic

Ep32 C Jane Taylor Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Our guest on Episode 32 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast is C. Jane Taylor, who describes herself as a writer, a biker, a mom, a wife, a warrior, and sometimes a bit of a chicken. But at age 50, when she received an invitation to join the AARP, she ripped up the letter and bought a motorcycle. On April 19, Jane is releasing a new book called Spirit Traffic: A Mother’s Journey of Self-Discovery and Letting Go, about a 10,000-mile cross-country motorcycle trip she took with her husband and son. You can read an excerpt from Jane’s book in the April 2022 issue of Rider. You can buy Spirit Traffic online or at bookstores, and it’s available as an audiobook. For more information, visit cjanetaylor.com.

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