BMW Invites R 18 Fans to The Great Getaway

BMW Motorrad offers three guided tours with the new R 18 family

BMW Invites R 18 Fans to The Great Getaway

When BMW added the R 18 to its Heritage lineup for 2021, the Bavarian brand finally made headway in the cruiser market. The R 18’s Big Boxer, timeless styling, and back-to-basics attitude immediately gained a dedicated audience. With the platform’s roots firmly planted in the big-bore cruiser segment, BMW invites R 18 fans to The Great Getaway.

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BMW Invites R 18 Fans to The Great Getaway

Partnering with motorcycle tour company Elephant Moto, BMW will host three eight-day guided tours in Costa Rica, Portugal, and the U.S. Each event will welcome a maximum of 12 riders and cover 100-125 miles per day. The manageable group sizes and reasonable ride distances promote a relaxed pace, allowing riders to soak up the scenery.

BMW Invites R 18 Fans to The Great Getaway

Led by Elephant Moto’s BMW-certified tour guides, attendees will rack up the miles on the open road and explore the urban centers. Riders can choose from several models within BMW’s new cruiser family, and with a support vehicle carrying participants’ luggage, the standard R 18 and R 18 Classic provide more than enough comfort for the road trip. Each tour also includes hotel accommodations, premium dining, and a social program for each evening. From rooftop cocktails to live bands, every night promises to be as eventful as the day full of riding.

BMW Invites R 18 Fans to The Great Getaway

The festivities don’t stop there, though. Each event will feature an “Urban Day” where participants get an authentic taste of local fare. From admiring the architecture in Lisbon, Portugal, to visiting handcrafters in San José, Costa Rica, to enjoying a local market in Portland, Oregon, the one-of-a-kind experience will immerse the riders in each city’s culture.

The all-inclusive tours start at €6,950 ($7,900 USD) and include local airport pick up/drop off. The Great Getaway will kickoff in Costa Rica in March 2022. The Portugal event will fall between April-June 2022, followed by the U.S. tour between August-October 2022.

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