New Gear: Flying Eyes Optics’ Prescription-Compatible Eyeglasses

Flying Eyes Optics' Prescription-Compatible Eyeglasses

Flying Eyes Optics got its start making pilot glasses to comfortably fit under headsets. The brand soon adapted its patented microthin temple technology to suit helmet-wearing motorcyclists. Now, Flying Eyes Optics launches its first prescription-compatible eyeglasses with four distinct styles (Noctua, Athene, Otus, and Luzon). Each model features Resilamide frames with 1mm temples to reduce pressure points. The glasses block UV light and come with magnetic clip-on sunglass lenses. The Flying Eyes Optics glasses cost between $579-$824 and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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  1. Cool idea, but geez $600-800 for frames alone! That’s just straight insanity.

    Typical of aviation industry, though. Good luck with the moto industry at those rates though.


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