Peter Starr: Ep. 21 Rider Magazine Insider Podcast

Ep 21 Peter Starr Rider Magazine Insider Podcast
Peter Starr with new friends in Thailand. Peter’s book “Motorcycle Traveler” includes photos and tales of his journeys in 12 countries.

Our guest for Episode 21 of the Rider Magazine Insider Podcast is Peter Starr, who is an international ambassador for motorcycling. He’s an award-winning filmmaker who has made motorcycle documentaries, TV shows, and commercials, and his 1979 film “Take It to the Limit” is a classic documentary about motorcycle racing. Peter has published articles in most major motorcycle magazines, and he’s the author of two books, including “Motorcycle Traveler,” about his experiences riding motorcycles in 12 countries as part of living a purposeful life. Peter also hosts the MotoStarr video podcast series, and he has interviewed legendary motorcycle racers such as Freddie Spencer, Eddie Lawson, Kenny Roberts, and many others. Peter has been recognized for his achievements with numerous awards as well as being inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame and Trailblazers Hall of Fame.

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