Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket and Pants | Gear Review

Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket Pants Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT review
Wearing the Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket Pants while testing the 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour DCT. (Photo by Kevin Wing)

We’ve tested a lot of Olympia apparel over the years, starting with the Sentry Jacket and Ranger Pants back in 2003. And we’ve worn and tested every iteration of the Airglide jacket/pants combo, which is now in its sixth generation. Olympia was founded by the husband-and-wife team of Kevin and Karilea Rhea, both designers and avid riders, and for years it was based in Hendersonville, North Carolina. A few years ago they sold the company, which is now owned by Motovan, a Canadian powersports distributor.

Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket Grey Red Black review
Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket in Grey/Red/Black

The Airglide jacket and pants are part of Olympia’s Mesh Tech line. That means they have large panels of Ballistic Airflow abrasion-resistant mesh (gee thanks, Captain Obvious!), with 1000D Cordura used in impact areas. Designed for three-season riding, there is a removable thermal layer as well as a windproof rain layer that can be worn under or over the jacket and pants (and a handy carry bag is provided). Removable Powertector Hexa CE Level 2 armor fits into pockets at the shoulders, elbows, back, and knees, and there are removable foam hip pads.

Olympia Airglide 6 Pants review
Olympia Airglide 6 Pants

With various fit adjustments and stretch panels, the Airglide jacket and pants are comfortable, with a generous cut that accommodates under-layers (and American midsections). I found the pants in my normal size to be a bit too large to be worn by themselves (they felt more like overpants), and the jacket sleeves were a little short for my long arms. If possible, try on the Airglide 6 before buying. The pants have full-length two-way side zippers and EZ-Hem bottoms so they can be tailored to length.

Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket Pants 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa review
Wearing the Olympia Airglide 6 Jacket Pants while testing the 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa. (Photo by Kevin Wing)

I’ve personally worn and tested a lot of Olympia gear, and I’ve always been impressed by the quality and attention to detail. For example, the front pockets in the Airglide jacket and pants are lined with soft fleece, so they’ll actually keep your hands warm on a cold day. The jacket also has an inside chest pocket with a pass-thru for earbuds. Grippy rubber zipper pulls are easy to use with gloved hands. Over multiple days of testing the Honda Gold Wing Tour and Suzuki Hayabusa, with temperatures ranging from the low 50s on the coast to well over 100 inland, I appreciated the versatility that the Airglide 6 ensemble provided.

The Airglide 6 jacket is available in men’s sizes S-XL ($379.99) and 2XL-4XL ($399.99), women’s sizes XS-XL ($379.99) and 2XL-3XL ($399.99), and Grey/Red/Black (shown), Black/Hi-Viz Yellow, and Black/Silver. The pants (Black only) are available in men’s sizes 30-38 ($279.99) and 40-44 ($299.99) and in women’s sizes 4-12 ($279.99) and 14-18 ($299.99). Everything is covered by a 1-year warranty.

For more information:
See your dealer or visit revzilla.com (U.S.) or motovan.com (Canada)


  1. Why in the world would a manufacturer make any mesh clothing (the purpose of which is to keep cool) out of BLACK materiel??

  2. looks like real good gear, to bad they won’t fit Me, I run in to this all the time, I wear size 48 jeans, and most motorcycle gear only goes up to 40 to 44, It is real hard to find motorcycle gear in big men’s sizes.

  3. I think they should also have the pants in a lighter color. I have a black mesh jacket and rarely use it because although cool when on the move it’s baking hot at stop lights or in slow traffic . Black being hot in the sun is not a good idea in the summer , even when it is mesh .

  4. I agree that black is not the color that keeps you cool. I’ve worn Olympia mesh pant for years but only in silver or grey. Yes, they show the road grime but the purpose is to stay cool. I wear another brand of mesh jacket with more mesh that provides better cooling. I never could understand why Olympia makes their jacket with a high collar. If it’s for sun protection I rather use sunscreen.

  5. I have used the Olympia Airglide 2 4 and 5 hi-viz jackets and love them. However, they have used more and more black in the color scheme resulting in the heat problems listed above. Also, the air glide two had a thermal liner that you could wear just by itself and had a knit collar. So I am using the thermal liner from the air glide 2; three jackets ago! Don’t know why they changed, but I don’t like the liners that have to be zipped into the jacket.
    I like the pants, I have them in silver, and when they get dirty, I just wash them. Same with the jacket in high viz. Just put them in the washing machine on gentle.


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