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Sidi Performer Gore-Tex boots.
Sidi Performer Gore-Tex boots.

Remember when there were only two kinds of motorcycle boots, street and dirt? Things have changed a lot since then, since specialization has crept into boot making just as thoroughly as motorcycle making. It is still possible to find a boot that does more than one job, however, with Sidi’s Performer Gore-Tex boots a solid case in point. Though it’s “only” a road boot, the PGTs can be used for touring, sport touring, aggressive sport riding and even the occasional track day, thanks to a design that incorporates the most important elements needed for each type of riding.

For starters, the PGT uppers are constructed of a full-grain microfiber material that looks just like leather but is stronger, softer, breaks in faster, lasts longer, is easier to clean, does not fade or run, isn’t affected by water or sweat like leather and is even sustainable. Whew! Science…. This is lined with Teflon-treated mesh and anti-abrasion Cambrelle in the foot area for comfort, to wick away water and sweat and prevent mold and odors. In between a Gore-Tex membrane ensures the boots are highly breathable and waterproof. Overall the combination makes the PGTs quite comfortable for touring and walking despite looking so serious.

That serious look results from the ample protection built-in to the PGTs. The boots are double-stitched throughout, and have fully encapsulated heel cups, inner and outer ankle protective caps, front calf and shin deflector plates and malleolus external plastic guards over the instep. Replaceable nylon toe scuff pads for the serious corner carvers are bolt-on vs. hook-and-loop for strength and durability, and both boots have polymer shift pads over the toes.

Mesh panels on the front and back of the boots allow for some airflow (if you wear them over leathers or pants), and the full-length inside zippers with Velcro closures snug the boots down well enough on your calf that they can be worn under most pants as well. Soles are dual compound with a short heel that I have found just fine for short walks, with some basic tread that helps on slippery surfaces, though I’d stop short of hiking in these boots. My pair leaked a drop or two in the dunk test — through the scuff plate bolt holes I suspect — but were completely waterproof in the two deluges in which I wore them. Overall the Sidi Performer Gore-Tex boots are a great choice for road riders who want one pair of boots that will cover all the bases. They come in black in men’s sizes 7.5-12.5 for $289.99.

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