2021 Honda ADV150 | First Look Review

2021 Honda ADV150
2021 Honda ADV150. Images courtesy Honda North America.

This is not an April Fools joke…. American Honda has announced that the ADV150 “adventure scooter” will be coming to the U.S. market as early as June 2020, as a 2021 model year machine. The unique scooter has a rugged look, with a liquid-cooled, fuel-injected 149cc single cylinder engine with V-Matic automatic transmission, Showa suspension, aggressive tires, an adjustable windscreen, under-seat storage and a Smart-Key system with built-in theft deterrents. U.S. retail pricing is $4,299.

Other features of the 2021 ADV150 include 14-inch/13-inch front/rear cast wheels, a 31.3-inch seat height, a 2.1-gallon fuel tank, and a centerstand and side stand as standard. Wet weight is a claimed 294 pounds.

To quote Chris Cox, American Honda’s Manager of Experiential Marketing/Public Relations, “What do you get when you combine an Africa Twin and a PCX150? We weren’t sure, but we knew it sounded like fun!”

We agree, Chris. We could use a little fun right now, and we can’t wait to get a ride on one.

More info can be found on Honda’s website here.

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2021 Honda ADV150
2021 Honda ADV150
Front 240mm single disc brake is equipped with ABS; rear 130mm drum is not.
2021 Honda ADV150
Smart Key system includes theft deterrent for peace of mind.
2021 Honda ADV150
Left side storage compartment includes a 12V USB outlet for charging your phone.
2021 Honda ADV150
Locking underseat storage will hold at least one helmet.
2021 Honda ADV150
LCD displays a bunch of useful info, including what appears to be a fuel gauge.


  1. Website says 5.1/4.7 inches of suspension travel, front & rear, respectively, which sounds like that of a decent motorcycle, so probably a noticeable improvement over most scooters. i think we have a WINNER!

  2. This is the first step to getting the 750 cc model to the US. I have been waiting for this model to appear.

  3. As I live in the flatlands but hike in the Rockies annually…and ride a softail, I am interested in a light ADV bike for riding scenic gravel mountain backroads. The ADV 750 sounds like a great idea. It would have the power to handle Pikes Peak/Mount Evans Highway as well as the low center of gravity and leg-throw-over height For the mountain backroads.
    If Honda brings it to the US, please give it a CVT with simulated gears for engine braking and cruise control.

    • Hi Daniel,

      It’ll be available in California and should be arriving in dealers soon, if it isn’t already. We just did our first ride of the ADV150 and that story will be posted soon.

      Take care,
      – Nic

  4. Nothing off-road should have a 14″ wheel. Aggressive tires? So, they pick fights after a few drinks or what? Get serious. It’s not the V-Strom; it’s not the Tenere; it’s not the Africa Twin. Settle down.

  5. I just got back from my local Honda dealer wanting to look at the CB500X, which I did. Before leaving, I checked out the ADV150 and was impressed with how light it felt, a windshield and center stand per my desires, and looks surprisingly good. Am I ready to cross the line from bike to scooter? I thought no at first, but I am now leaning that way…

  6. AS I have look over the ADV 150 IT NEEDS A RACK FOR A FULL SIZE BOX IT LOOKS EASY TO CLEAN UNLIKE MY EX SUZUKI 400 BRUGMAN NEEDS REAR DISK how long for the belt to wear out now only Honda will learn to bring the CB 125 to the us with a manul cluch its time to stop on the CB 500 who wants a shifter backwoods we want a cb1100 with a 750 twin air cooled motor better rack for box and saddle bag frame in honda colors red and white or blue and white thank you JAY


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