2020 Indian FTR Rally | First Look Review

2020 Indian FTR Rally
Built on the FTR 1200 platform, the 2020 Indian FTR Rally is a scrambler-inspired street tracker.

Unveiled at the EICMA show in Milan last November, Indian has announced that the FTR Rally, a scrambler-inspired version of the FTR 1200 street tracker that was introduced last year, is now available.

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2020 Indian FTR Rally
The Indian FTR Rally’s 1,203cc, liquid-cooled, 60-degree V-twin has DOHC with 4 valves per cylinder. Claimed output is 123 horsepower and 87 lb-ft of torque.

Like the rest of the FTR lineup, the Rally is powered by a 1,203cc, liquid-cooled, DOHC V-twin that makes 123 horsepower and 87 lb-ft of torque (claimed) and is held within a lightweight tubular-steel trellis frame. The chassis is equipped with Brembo brakes (including M4.32 monoblock front calipers), a fully adjustable upside down fork, a preload- and rebound-adjustable rear shock and spoked wheels shod with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR tires (19-inch front, 18-inch rear, tubes required).

2020 Indian FTR Rally
Brembo M4.32 4-piston radial calipers squeeze 320mm discs. ABS is not available. Spoked wheels require tubes and are fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Rally STR knobbies.

“We’re excited to offer North American riders a new take on the FTR 1200 that combines the unmistakable look and stance of the FTR with the more classic, rugged elements that have made scramblers so beloved to city riders,” said Reid Wilson, Vice President of Indian Motorcycle. “The FTR 1200 is as much about style and self-expression as it is about street-oriented performance, and the FTR Rally delivers that combination in a totally unique way.”  

2020 Indian FTR Rally
The FTR Rally has a ProTaper handlebar that’s 2 inches taller than the one on the standard FTR 1200. It also gets a stylish flyscreen.

The FTR Rally features Titanium Smoke paint with the Indian Motorcycle headdress graphic, a brown aviator seat and a rally flyscreen. It’s also equipped with cruise control, a USB fast charge port and a new ProTaper handlebar that is 2 inches higher than that of the standard FTR 1200. The FTR Rally has a 3.4-gallon fuel tank, a 33.6-inch seat height and a 511-pound dry weight (claimed).

2020 Indian FTR Rally
Brown aviator seat adds to the FTR Rally’s old-school scrambler look.

Pricing for the 2020 Indian FTR Rally starts at $13,499, and it’s compatible with the entire range of 40+ accessories specifically developed for the FTR platform.

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  1. If Indian wants to be taken seriously, they need to drop all MeToo Vtwins, develop anything else. We have had enough Harley clones and Harleys for one eon.

  2. Burt, I take Indian seriously. And how is this 1200cc DOHC liquid-cooled V-Twin a “clone” of any H-D? It’s a smart machine. IMO.

    • Exactly! Are Ducati’s scramblers Harley clones? Or the Suzuki Vstrom? Everything Vtwin does not equal Harley! Kudos to Indian(Polaris) for this really interesting looking and likely high performing bike. And for creating a flat track machine that dominates all other brands.

  3. Such a cool bike. IMHO the FTR would be a great platform for a touring moto. If Indian introduced a “tour version” of the FTR with a more commodious rear end to accommodate luggage and a passenger, and bumped up capacity of the 3.4 gal tank, I’d be interested. Wouldn’t care about a windshield or much else (well, maybe heated grips) — just rear end capacity and fuel. As it is, I couldn’t justify buying an FTR strictly for day rides.

  4. It’s the only American bike that I would seriously consider parting cash for ! IMO great looks, decent ergonomics, and the more badic specs (and lower price) work fine for me. Since when did a retro inspired motorcycle need a touchscreen display FFS ??!!
    As for “another Harley clone” ? I would respectfully remind everyone that the V twin motorcycle originated in the UK a few years before Mr Harley and the Davidson brothers started producing their V twins. 👍

  5. Having owned an FTR for a little over a year I can confirm that it’s not a Harley clone, Harley has nothing like this (nor are they likely too anytime soon). It has its quirks but It’s far and away the most modern American V twin made and it’s as fun to ride as it looks.

    • hey mark saw your post on Rider Mag. Are the rumors true that its a pain to fuel up also any issues with the bike ?
      Thank You


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