New Gear: Michelin Road 5 and Road 5 GT Sport-Touring Tires

Michelin Road 5 sport-touring tires.
Michelin Road 5 sport-touring tires.

Michelin’s new Road 5 and Road 5 GT sport-touring tires are designed to offer class-leading performance in wet and dry conditions, mile after mile. The Road 5 lineup features the patented XST Evo siping and 2CT/2CT+ dual compound technology for great wet grip performance throughout the life of the tire. The Road 5 is available in several popular sizes starting at $221.95, and the Road 5 GT, designed for heavier bikes like the K 1600 GT and Concours 14, starts at $251.95.

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  1. I have had the Road 5 tires on my BMW R1200RT since August 2018. They are amazing. The grip when going through the twistys is remarkable and inspires great confidence. I got caught in a sudden downpour on a two laner and I did not notice any slipage. My RT is older and does not have traction control or driving modes, but at no time did I feel threatened in the rain. I had Road 4s before these and the Road 5s are a great upgrade. They seem to be wearing very well and with about 5K mikes on them, they still look new..

    • Hi Rob! Thanks for intersting information. Do you have Michelin Road 5 in standard or GT version? I am also riding a R1200RT, and I am a bit worried that the GT’s might be to “hard” – giving less comfort. I normally ride alone with not very baggage.
      Best regards, Atle (Norway)

  2. I have a 2007 K1200 GT with the road 5’s on it. I now have over 10,000 miles on them and Still Love Them!!! Did a 4000 mile, 7 day trip to Colorado and back with day trips each day. They are showing some wear now. Probably 3 to 4000 miles left in them. I will try try the 5GT’s next.

    • I ride a 2015 K1600 GTL daily for work, roughly 200-sometimes 300 miles per weekday.
      Greater San Francisco area, so I truly ride 12 months in a year.
      I thought the road 4 was great, but as the 5 went on my rims it was instantly better.
      Smaller turning radius, better cornering grip, and impossible to explain confidence grip, even in the rain.

  3. After burning up the oem Bridgestone tires on a 2019 S1000XR in under 6500 miles, I’ve had the pleasure of a set of Michelin Road 5 on front and back. Total control, incredible feedback, superb grip. I’ve had the bike at redline in 6th gear watching the gas disappear and marveling at the absolute confidence these tires afford. Trailbraking is confidence inspiring and powering out of turns a joyous sensation. Several rides through thunderstorms have only increased my confidence in these tires. And the rear is only now starting to show cord after 8000 miles! The most I’ve gotten from a rear tire is a little over 6000 miles. You can bet I’m replacing them with another Road 5!

  4. How exactly do the 5gt tires handle heavier bikes better if they have the same exact load ratings as the road 5 tires 53 and 78 for each style.

    • The GT’s has a stiffer sidewall on them, same load rating. The GT’s just helps with heavier loaded bikes during cornering to reduce tire flex.

  5. I have the 5’s and run them on a GSX1400 and think I could definitely say If I was to get another set it would have to be the GT because I’m 125 kg and feel uncomfortable on cornering. Definitely a sidewall flex thing but otherwise perfect. Run them all day without a worry.


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