New Gear: Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool

Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool

Most tire repair kits are bulky and include several loose parts or tubes of glue that are easily lost, which is why Rocky Creek Designs created its new Motopressor Puncture Repair Tool ($46.33). This kit includes a 4-in-1 multi-tool that contains everything you need to repair your tire — pliers, rasp, insertion tool and knife — plus pre-vulcanized repair plugs that don’t require glue and create a patch-style repair on the inside of the tire, and the whole thing stores in a sheath small enough to fit in your pocket (5 x 3 x 2 inches). 

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  1. I have done about 15 repairs with this tool, and have not been gentle. While the pliers aren’t the best they’re adequate for the task (yanking out a nail) and this works as well as or better than any other tire repair tool I’ve used. The sticky strings it comes with work better than the generic ones that come in cheaper kits – they’re far stickier and longer to boot. My initial thoughts after buying it is it was cheap feeling and not worth the $45 I spent… but 5 years and a bunch of repairs later, I can say it was a GREAT purchase and even if it feels cheap, it’s actually useful and it works as advertised. I’m really surprised how great this tool has been.


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