Video: Yamaha Star Eluder Project Bike | Part 2

Yamaha Star Eluder Jeff Palhegyi Project Bike
Our Yamaha Star Eluder project bike, created by Jeff Palhegyi, features bolt-on accessories and custom graphics. (Photo by Joe Agustin)

We teamed up with Jeff Palhegyi, owner of Palhegyi Design, on a Yamaha Star Eluder project bike. Known for his customized cruisers, vintage race bikes, flat trackers and more, Palhegyi has been involved with Yamaha’s product planning division for nearly three decades. The goal of this project was to enhance the Eluder’s functionality and style in a way that any owner could do in his or her own garage.

Watch Part 1 of our three-part video series 

Yamaha Star Eluder Jeff Palhegyi Project Bike
Jeff Palhegyi installing contrast-cut billet parts from Yamaha’s accessory catalog. (Photo by Joe Agustin)

Check out Part 2 of our three-part video series about the project: 

CONTINUE WATCHING: Watch Part 3 of our three-part series


  1. That’s nice but what I’d like to know is where do you have to go to get this bike fixed in a timely manner? I purchased my STAR VENTURE TC in April and have has to replace the battery in the key fob, the GPS locked up and had to take it in to get it squared away, The front TPMS went out and my local dealer didn’t want to work on the bike because formal training is being overlooked. Now the cruse control is out and again I have to take to a dealer out of my area again because my local dealer refuses to work on the bike. What a POS, I’ll never by another YAMAHA product, of any kind. Thanks for your support YAMAHA.


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