Zero Motorcycles Announces Updates for 2019 Lineup

2019 Zero DSR
2019 Zero DSR

Santa Cruz, California-based Zero Motorcycles has announced details on its updated 2019 model lineup, which focuses on its popular DS and DSR dual-sport line.

2019 Zero DS and DSR Updates
The entry price-point DS ZF7.2 gets a boost for 2019, to the tune of 35 percent more power and an 8-percent higher top speed according to Zero. And since its smaller battery gives it a 96-pound weight advantage over its longer-range counterpart, it promises nimble, lightweight fun.

That longer-range counterpart is the DS ZF14.4, which uses the same battery as the top-spec DSR, extending its range by a claimed 10 percent over last year’s model. That calculates to 204 miles in the city and 97 miles on the highway.

Finally, the DSR gets dressed up with several popular items from Zero’s accessory catalog: a windscreen, tank grips, hand guards and a 12V power socket.

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2019 Zero DS
2019 Zero DS

2019 Zero S Updates
Upgrades to the dual-sport line drove parallel improvements in Zero’s street lineup with the S ZF7.2 offering the same 35-percent performance jump as the base model Zero DS ZF7.2.

Meanwhile, the new longer-range Zero S ZF14.4 gets the DS ZF14.4’s 10-percent range increase, and can be configured to deliver the lineup’s longest range with up to 223 miles in the city and 112 miles on the highway.

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2019 Zero S
2019 Zero S

Backwards-Compatible Charge Tank Accessory
To expand the charging capabilities of its dual-sport and street line, Zero launched a backwards-compatible accessory version of its 6kW Charge Tank that can now be installed at authorized local dealerships.

The new Charge Tank accessory is designed with long-term owners in mind and is compatible with Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS and Zero DSR models dating back to 2015. The Charge Tank “refuels” up to six times faster than a standard wall outlet, adding up to 85 miles of city range in an hour using standard Level 2 charge stations.

2019 Zero FX
2019 Zero FX.

Long-Term Storage Mode
Zero’s electric motorcycles’ operating system is the “brains” behind it all, and Zero continuously updates the software based on owner feedback. For 2019, it developed and released an industry-first Long-Term Storage Mode, in which the motorcycle automatically puts itself into a low-power mode to optimize battery state-of-charge and further improve long-term battery health. Zero also continues to offer its industry-leading five-year/unlimited-mile battery warranty.

New Colors and Graphics
New colors include Dune and Rhino Gray on the Zero FX and FXS, Jet Black and Black Metallic for the S and SR, and Sandstone and Caldera Metallic for the DS and DSR. Pricing and details are available at

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