Spidi 4Season Lady Jacket and Pants | Gear Review

The 4Season jacket and pants from Spidi add up to a very attractive suit.
The 4Season jacket and pants from Spidi add up to a very attractive suit. Quilted snap-in liner can be worn independently of the jacket.

As adventure/touring riders, we demand a lot of our apparel: it must be versatile, functional, comfortable and protective. Good looks are a bonus, but I’ve found those go hand-in-hand with proper fit, something women’s gear doesn’t always deliver.

Spidi’s 4Season jacket and pants combo, however, checks all of the boxes. The shells of each are made of a special high-tensile strength polyamide (nylon) and polyester that’s soft and flexible enough to be comfortable right out of the box.

Rather than a bonded (single layer) waterproofing or an additional nonremovable rain layer, the 4Season uses a removable H2Out waterproof liner.

There are pros and cons to each system, but living in dry Southern California I prefer a removable liner. Non-waterproof shells seem to vent more effectively than those with bonded waterproofing (and certainly better than those with a fixed inner liner) and they don’t rely on fussy waterproof zippers.

Into a box in the garage goes the liner, and when it looks like things will get wet I just carry a rain suit. The jacket also incorporates a snap-in quilted jacket with 100g polyfill that can be worn independently when off the bike (see inset photo below). One less thing to pack!

Ventilation on both jacket and pants is plentiful. Panels at the chest, back and thighs unzip and tuck or snap away to reveal large mesh areas, and dual zippers on each arm go all the way to the elbows, allowing for fine-tuning airflow into the arms via more mesh.

Hook-and-loop straps at the hips, upper arms and waist dial in fit, important not only for comfort but also keeping armor where it belongs. Speaking of which, elbow, shoulder, hip and adjustable knee armor is CE-certified; a back protector is optional and Spidi offers three sizes that fit the jacket’s hook-and-loop attachments.

There are internal and external pockets galore, including deep hip pockets on the pants–but those don’t zip closed, so use discretion.

I have a tall, athletic build, so Spidi’s European cut fits me perfectly, tailored for a comfortably snug fit. That said, the 4Season runs true to the size chart posted on Spidi’s website.

The jacket is available in Black/Gray, Black, Yellow Fluo and Black/Fuschia (shown) in women’s sizes XS to 3XL for $549.90. The pants are available in Black/Gray, Black and Black/Fuschia in women’s sizes XS-3XL for $399.90. A men’s version is also available.

For more information, visit spidi.com.


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