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Laminar Lip installed on a 2000 Honda VFR800.
Laminar Lip installed on a 2000 Honda VFR800.

On most sportbikes the short, narrow bubble atop the fairing does little except add to the bike’s looks. You can’t really call it a windscreen because unless you ride around in a racer’s tuck all day, it might as well not be there––you’re getting almost the full brunt of the wind. Taller screens create a zone of less turbulent air, but look out of place on sportbikes. Clearly there’s a compromise here somewhere, and it’s called the Laminar Lip.

The Lip I got for my 2000 Honda VFR800 came with a bag of Dual Locks––an adhesive-backed, hook-and-loop-type patch that connects the Lip to the bubble––and a packet containing an alcohol swab to clean off the surfaces the Dual Locks stick to. Use the alcohol to remove any residual wax or cleaner from the bubble or the Dual Locks’ grip could be compromised.

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I mocked up the Lip on the bubble with masking tape and when I got it where I wanted it I marked the spots where the Dual Locks went on the bubble with a Sharpie marker, pressed them on, and gave them a while to set. The two halves of the Dual Locks, one on the bubble and one on the Lip, need to be pushed together forcefully to lock. They do so very solidly, and won’t come off on their own, although you can pry them apart with a dull-edged butter knife if you need to remove the Lip.

The Lip ($86 for my VFR, available in clear or smoke) is designed to create a taller, still pocket of air in front of the rider, and for the most part does just that. There’s still a bit of turbulence on my VFR, but the Lip reduces head buffeting and keeps the wind off my chest, making long rides on the bike more comfortable. The Laminar Lip is available for dozens of motorcycle models and is a relatively simple add-on that makes a significant difference, since it almost turns that stubby little bubble into an actual windscreen.

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