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Nolan N87 helmet
Nolan N87 helmet in the Rapid graphic.

Over the past few years, as Nolan’s full-face helmet has evolved from the N85 to the N86 and now the N87, its features have improved but its price has barely budged. It has always had a lightweight polycarbonate shell, a drop-down sunshield, a removable/washable comfort liner and a chinstrap secured by a Microlock adjustable quick-release buckle, and it has been available in solid colors for $249.95 ($259.95 for the N87) and $299.95 for graphics.

The new N87 is lighter (our size medium lid weighs 3 pounds, 7 ounces, about 2 ounces less than the N86), its shell has a more aerodynamic shape and its redesigned Clima Comfort interior liner is exceptionally plush thanks to double-density, micro-perforated fabric. The interior has separate removable/washable cheek pads, Eyewear Adaptive channels to accommodate eyeglasses/sunglasses and recessed ear holes to accept helmet speakers. The comfort liner also has holes in the crown that line up with holes and channels in the EPS liner that are part of the Airbooster Technology ventilation system. A single vent on the chinbar and two air scoop vents on the crown bring fresh air in (or can be closed to seal out cold air or rain), and a large exhaust vent is built into the rear spoiler. Overall comfort, fit and ventilation are very good, a big improvement over the previous model.

Nolan N87 helmet
Nolan N87 helmet in the Harp graphic.

Another significant upgrade is the face shield, which is wider for a better field of view and has a new spring-loaded pivot mechanism that pulls the shield tightly against the eyeport gasket to better seal out wind and water. As before, the face shield has attachment posts for a Pinlock anti-fog insert (included), and shield removal is a simple, tool-less affair. A small lever on the left side of the shield quickly deploys and retracts the VPS (Vision Protection System) tinted sunshield, which offers UV 400 protection. The sleeker shell shape, new face shield, thick neck roll and perforated chin curtain help the N87 slice through the air cleanly and quietly.

Having worn the N87 consistently for weeks, I’ve grown quite attached to it. It’s light, comfortable, well ventilated, reasonably quiet and offers the convenience of a sunshield, a Pinlock and the Microlock2 double-lever retention system. The N87 is ready to accept Nolan’s Rear Cartridge N-Com communication systems and the ESS (Emergency Stop Signal), both sold separately. It’s available in XS-2XL in solids and S-XL in graphics (spread over two shell sizes), and is covered by a warranty for five years from date of purchase or seven years from date of manufacture.

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