Favorite Rides & Destinations #3 is Live!

Favorite Rides and Destinations #3, Spring 2017, CoverFavorite Rides & Destinations is an online motorcycle touring and adventure magazine from the editors of Rider. It includes the best of Rider’s touring features and Favorite Ride stories, along with inspiring photography, reviews of useful products and expert tips to help you have memorable touring experiences.

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Favorite Rides and Destinations #3, Spring 2017, Epic RidesHighlights from Favorite Rides & Destinations #3

Going North
An Alaskan adventure how-to.

Two-Wheeling with Hemingway
Exploring Michigan’s Lower Peninsula.

Great Basin, Great Ride
Geologic wonders in Oregon and Nevada.

Coal, Country & Curves
A weekend sport tour in Eastern Kentucky.

Sidehacking Into History
Minnesota to New York on a Ural.

Twisted Sisters
The Texas Hill Country’s most famous trio.

Ride the Rock
A scenic adventure in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Peak-to-Peak Run
Riding some of the best roads in Arkansas.

10 Photography Tips for Your Next Long Ride

And more!



  1. I am unable to access the new Favorite Rides #3 addition. It redirects to the #2 addition. Looked at the page source and the link is for the #2 addition. I’d love to read it if I could!

  2. This is what I get if I try any of the links above:

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