Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet Review

Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet in the Sync White graphic.
Scorpion EXO-GT3000 Modular Helmet in the Sync White graphic.

When I think of modular helmets, I think convenient, clever, noisy and heavy. But that was before I tested Scorpion Sports’ EXO-GT3000 for more than 5,000 miles, and determined that Scorpion’s modular design and materials have taken noisy and heavy out of the equation. The EXO-GT3000’s light weight comes from its Thermodynamic Composite Technology shell material, a proprietary five-layer fabric sandwich of lightweight fiberglass, organic poly-resin fiber and aramid fiber. Weight is just 3.5 pounds for my size small. Inside is a well-padded liner that provides good ear coverage and a substantial neck roll to prevent noise sneaking in from below. It is eyewear friendly, accommodating my bulky Ray-Bans without a hitch, and has speaker pockets for Bluetooth communicators. The easily removable anti-microbial liner battles the bacteria that can make helmets stink, and is washable for removing accumulated road grunge.

Yamaha R3 touring
The EXO-GT3000 was perfect for a weekend trip aboard the Yamaha R3.

Scorpion packs a host of features into this lightweight lid, my favorite being the dropdown sun visor. A push of the sliding activator brings immediate relief from the sun, and the visor pops right out for cleaning. Another big plus is Scorpion’s AirFit inflatable liner that lets you pump in a custom fit. A few pushes on the inflator expands the liner to your comfort zone; just remember to deflate before removing the helmet or you’ll wonder why it’s so dang tight. Modular helmet fans know that raising the chinbar is handy for a lot of things, from “nice bike” conversations at stoplights to paying the entrance fee at Yosemite. Scorpion’s single-handed operation works well; a center button releases the chinbar and metal-on-metal latch components close audibly without having to slam it shut.

The Scorpion EXO-GT3000 with the chin bar opened and integrated sun shield down.
The Scorpion EXO-GT3000 with the chin bar opened and integrated sun shield down.

The DOT-approved GT3000 protected my noggin on six different motorcycles with various (or no) fairing configurations and the shell’s aerodynamics worked well in every case—no lift, no vibration, no sail effect when looking to the side. Where some manufacturers build only two shell sizes, Scorpion makes three shells to accommodate six helmet sizes (XS-2XL). Riders with smaller heads won’t be wearing a medium-size shell, with its extra weight and drag. Removing and replacing Scorpion’s Everclear No-Fog face shield is simple once you’ve got the knack, and the anti-fog feature works well. Topping the helmet is a large vent that slides open to bring in a cooling breeze that circulates across your head before exiting at the rear; up front is a two-position chin vent.

Solid color GT3000s run $359.95, but colors are limited to two blacks, silver and white. I opted for the spiffier Sync graphics in white/red/blue ($379.95), also available in neon yellow and gray. The matte finish is smooth, cleans up well and has held up to months of use without a single chip or scratch. All Scorpion helmets carry a five-year warranty. The EXO-GT3000 is an excellent helmet at a very competitive price. After extensive use, and with several other nice helmets on the shelf, I’m still enjoying it every day.



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