Yamaha Champions Riding School 2017 Schedule

Yamaha Champions Riding SchoolWhat techniques do the best riders in the world use to stay safe while going so fast? Come to one of these Yamaha Champions Riding School dates and find out!

Here is the current 2017 schedule:

Saturday, January 28 – ChampDay, Arizona Motorsports Park

Mon-Tue, February 20-21 – ChampSchool, Inde Motorsports Ranch, AZ

Monday, March 6 – ChampDay, Buttonwillow, CA

Tue-Wed, March 7-8 – ChampDay, Buttonwillow

Mon-Tue, March 20-21 – ChampSchool, Inde

Mon-Tue, April 17-18 – ChampSchool, Inde

Mon-Tue, May 8-9 – ChampSchool, Inde

Monday, May 22 – ChampDay, NJMP

Tue-Wed, May 23-24 – ChampSchool, NJMP

Fri-Sat, June 8-9 – ChampSchool, NYST

Wed-Thu, June 12-13 – ChampSchool, NJMP

Tue, June 20 – ChampDay, NJMP

Wed-Thu, June 21-22 – ChampSchool, NJMP

Tue, July 11 – ChampDay, NJMP

Wed-Thu, July 12-13 – ChampSchool, NJMP

Fri-Sat, Aug 3-4, ChampSchool, NYST

Mon-Tue, Sept 11-12 – ChampSchool, NJMP

Click Here to go to the registration page with the full list which will include any new or updated dates. Of course, our home page, ridelikeachampion.com, has the schedule as well and clicking “Enroll Today” at the top of the page always brings you to the registration page with full list.

Yamaha Champions Riding SchoolWe say current because we are still working to add more dates at NCBike and High Plains Raceway as well as having discussions with some tracks in the Midwest.

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