Motorcycle Mechanics Courses in San Francisco

Interested in learning about motorcycle maintenance? Or just unhappy paying $100 per hour for someone else’s poor workmanship? Why not learn more about bikes at City College of San Francisco? Your interest may even lead to a career in the motorcycle industry!

City College Automotive Technology offers Moto 90, Introduction to Motorcycle Technology, at the Evans Campus, 1400 Evans Ave., just off 3rd Street. It’s located close to downtown, conveniently served by several Muni routes, yet with plenty of free parking for your car, motorcycle or bicycle.

City College Mechanics CoursesMoto 90 is offered as a Monday and Wednesday evening class (CRN 35045), or Saturday daytime class (CRN 33846). Spring semester starts January 17, 2017, runs until May 24th. No mechanical experience required (and you don’t have to own a motorcycle, but you will definitely learn about them).

This course is the entry-level course to the motorcycle technician series. Students will be shown an overview of the history and culture of motorcycles, industry vocabulary and language, safety, tools, theory of operation and the basic use of hand tools in shop-related projects. The “soft” skills of customer relations are taught next to the “hard” skills of hands-on technical training. Students are introduced to electronic diagnostic equipment.

Already completed Moto 90, or possess enough motorcycle work skills to pass a challenge test? This semester the Motorcycle Department is offering Moto 93 (CRN 37647). This 4-unit credit course educates students in the theory of operation, troubleshooting, major overhaul and general repairs of motorcycle engines and power trains. It will run Saturdays, 8:00 am to 1:50 pm.

Also offered, Moto 61 (CRN 37969), an intermediate course to develop the skills necessary to cut, shape, weld, and fabricate various types of metal products from raw materials. Usage of MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas), gas welding, English Wheel, Power Hammer, and various other metal shaping equipment and techniques will be presented. It happens Tuesdays and Thursdays, 1:00 to 3:50 pm. The cost? Just $46 per credit unit, plus registration fees. Moto 90 and Moto 93 are 4 units, Moto 61 is 3 units. Financial aid/Board of governors fee waiver may be available.

Sign-ups start 12/12/2016 and run until 1/17/2017. For more information, visit:

or email Moto instructor Andy Saunders at


  1. Sure do wish I lived nearby. Knw of anything over here in the midwest? I’m 63 and looking down the barrel of retirement. I’ve sometimes thought that I would like to be a motorcycle mech. in my “next life.” 🙂


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