Honda Unveils New Lifestyle Website to Promote New Products

Honda Moto 2017
Honda Moto 2017

Honda has announced the launch of a new video-driven lifestyle website to promote select new 2017 models. The new website will introduce each of the selected models in a short-film drama format, depicting a unique lifestyle through the interaction of riders and their bikes, thereby promoting the motorcycle lifestyle and the Honda brand.

The “Honda Moto 2017” website currently contains teaser material for the pre-release of 2017 models, including what appears to be a new CBR1000RR and the new X-ADV adventure scooter. There are other teaser windows for a new CRF450R dirt bike and a new Africa Twin model, plus two more yet-to-be-announced bikes.

Additional model-related content will be added coinciding with press days for various shows, beginning October 4 at Intermot (Cologne, Germany) and continuing through EICMA (Milan, Italy) and the IMS opener (Long Beach, California).

You can view the website at



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