2017 CSC RZ3 Streetfighter | First Look Review

The 2017 CSC RZ3 streetfighter is the fourth Zongshen-built 250cc model in CSC's lineup.
The 2017 CSC RZ3 streetfighter is the fourth Zongshen-built 250cc model in CSC’s lineup.

After successfully launching several 250cc motorcycles, including the RX3 Adventure, CSC Motorcycles will introduce another 250cc model manufactured by China’s Zongshen. Said to be built to CSC specifications, the new RZ3 is a streetfighter with minimal bodywork and upright handlebars. If you squint a bit, you may see some similarities with Triumph’s Street Triple, especially with the red frame and wheel stripes.

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2016 CSC RX3 Adventure (photo by Arden Kysely)
2016 CSC RX3 Adventure (photo by Arden Kysely)

“We’re pleased to add this fourth 250cc motorcycle to our line of high-quality, value-priced motorcycles,” said Steve Seidner, CSC Motorcycles President and CEO. CSC currently offers the RX3 adventure touring motorcycle, the RC3 sportbike and the TT250 dual-sport motorcycle. “The styling of the new RZ3 is extremely attractive, and with our proven liquid-cooled 250cc engine, this bike is very exciting.”

The new RZ3’s 250cc single-cylinder engine features liquid cooling, a counterbalancer, an overhead cam with four valves, electronic fuel injection and a 6-speed transmission. Every CSC motorcycle includes extensive online maintenance tutorials, a free shop manual and customer support. CSC offers a complete parts inventory and accessory line for each of its motorcycles. The new CSC RZ3 includes a 2-year, unlimited mileage warranty on parts, and a 1-year warranty on labor.

2016 CSC RC3 sportbike
2016 CSC RC3 sportbike

“We’ve completed long-distance tours through the western United States, Mexico, South America and, most recently, China,” Seidner said. “Our customers know that CSC motorcycles are built to go the distance, and we’ve proven that with our long distance rides. We recently completed an 8,800-kilometer ride across China without a single failure. These bikes have proven their reliability on the Tibetan Plateau at altitudes up to 14,000 feet, the Gobi Desert, Mexico’s Baja peninsula, Colombia’s Andes Mountains, and the great deserts and mountains of the western United States. These are fine motorcycles, and we are proud to offer them here in North America. The RZ3 is another great motorcycle coming into our stable, and it will be another home run for us and our customers. The styling on this bike is fantastic.”

2016 CSC TT250 dual-sport
2016 CSC TT250 dual-sport

Based in Azusa, California, near Los Angeles, CSC Motorcycles is accepting pre-order deposits on the RZ3 now, including free setup and shipping within the continental United States, for $3,495. Motorcycles will be available in white or black, and they’ll be delivered before the end of the year.

For more information, call (909) 445-0900 or visit cscmotorcycles.com


  1. Very cool little bike! But, here’s the rub . . . Should a person buy one of these or for the same price, a pre-owned Suzuki V-Strom or similar bike? Until there’s a much better distribution network I know what I’d choose. Still, it’s a very cool little bike! Watch out world, China has the capacity to not only take over markets, but actually create new ones. Wait until they start making electric bikes!

    • The RX3 Adventure is the only model comparable to the V-Strom. Having owned a DL650 V-Strom and actually ridden the eastern TAT on it, I can say that the RX3 will go all the same places. The only consideration is if 2-up riding is in the picture – then the V-Strom wins. Otherwise, a fully-equipped V-Strom sells for almost 3 times as much. You won’t find a used V-Strom in the same price range unless it has 50,000 miles.

      • FYI, I rode to Baja back in March of this year on my RX3 with a group of RX3 riders. There was a guy with us who was over 6′ tall and probably weighed north of 250.

        He rode the entire trip, two-up with his girlfriend and fully filled luggage. They explained this was their test ride before heading to Alaska this Summer.



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