Big Fun Comes In Small Packages: Suzuki Announces Three New Models for 2017

Suzuki has announced the last of its early-release 2017 models: a trio of small-displacement fun bikes designed for simplicity, broad appeal and an economical price point.


2017 Suzuki VanVan 200

L7_RV200_YSF-Dramatic_0283The 2017 Suzuki VanVan 200 is the bike designed to put the “fun” in “funky.” With its distinctive retro look, this baby is classic cool and ready to groove whenever and wherever you are.

The VanVan 200 is at home anywhere you need a lightweight and easy-access motorcycle. Get around the college campus with style and tackle the trails around the campground with ease, thanks to the VanVan’s slim and lightweight package. Navigate daily commutes economically, as the VanVan is powered by a fuel-injected 199cc four-stroke engine that sips fuel. Riders can scramble confidently down almost any surface with the bike’s fat tires and smooth suspension. A plush two-up seat even means you can carry a passenger.

The VanVan 200 is available in Metallic Triton Blue or Metallic Matte Fibroin Gray for $4,599. Expect to see it in dealerships in mid-August.


2017 Suzuki TU250X

TU250X_GRY-BLK_L7Combining big-single styling with user-friendly features, the 2017 Suzuki TU250X is a modern-day classic that is fun to ride.

The TU250X gets power from a 249cc, air-cooled, four-stroke single that’s fed by Suzuki’s highly regarded fuel injection system. By uniting classic style with modern motorcycle technology, the Suzuki TU250X lets riders experience motorcycling as it was, and should always be.

*This model is not available in California.

The TU250X comes in Metallic Oort Gray No.3 / Glass Sparkle Black for $4,399. Expect to see it in dealerships in mid-August.


2017 Suzuki GW250

GW250_BLK_L7Tthe 2017 Suzuki GW250 delivers style, performance and comfort with broad appeal. The bodywork provides an aggressive naked statement that breaks away from the norm. Its chassis provides the foundation for a variety of riding styles, from sport-minded challenger to open-road traveler.

The GW250’s 248cc liquid-cooled, fuel-injected, parallel-twin engine is designed to offer a fun, torque-rich feel. The combination of maneuverability and fuel economy should make for a great urban commuter and weekend runabout.

The GW250 is available in Pearl Nebular Black for $4,099. Expect to see it in dealerships in mid-August.


  1. Why, in this day and age do they still put drum brakes on motorcycles? I would think discs would be cheaper to manufacture.
    I love that Van Van 200. But the drum rear brake is a deal killer for me.


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