Full Size Brake Pedal For Can-Am Spyder

BBP_Brake-Pedal-for-Spyder_3-15-16Big Bike Parts® improves safety with another must have accessory for the Can-Am Spyder.  Big Bike Parts® new Full Size Brake Pedal replaces the OEM brake pedal cover with a larger 4 ½’’ long by 2’’ wide pedal cover.  It mounts the same as the existing OEM brake pedal cover, with a rust proof steel channel reinforcing the high density rubber pad.  The larger size allows a more comfortable use of the brake pedal without your foot constantly falling off, and the unique design complements the Spyder styling.  Fits all Can-Am Spyder models.


  1. I have a 08 Spyder GS. This review states that it fits all Spyder models. Based on the photos it would appear it would be a problem on my Spyder, because my brake pedal is even with the foot peg not above it. It appears to me that it only works with the F3 based models along with the RT’s


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