Stayin’ Safe Partners with Ken Condon

Ken Condon
Ken Condon

Stayin’ Safe Advanced Motorcycle Training has announced a new partnership with motorcycle safety expert Ken Condon. Condon is the author of Riding in the Zone and Motorcycling the Right Way and is a nationally known journalist who has written more than 250 skills and safety articles for Motorcycle Consumer News (MCN). Ken’s Riding in the Zone training program provides advanced techniques and coaching in the parking lot, on the track, in the dirt and on the street. Condon has adopted the Stayin’ Safe method for his on-street skills training and will be conducting one and two-day Stayin’ Safe training tours for groups of riders out of his Riding in the Zone headquarters in Massachusetts.

“It’s exciting to be able to partner with Ken to expand this great program,” said Eric Trow, Stayin’ Safe principal and chief instructor. “We have collaborated on larger motorcycle safety industry initiatives and have been advocates of each other for years. In addition to our highly skilled team of Stayin’ Safe coaches, having Ken now offering the Stayin’ Safe method for his on-road training is further proof of our commitment to delivering the highest caliber on-road riding skills program anywhere.”

Stayin’ Safe is an on-street motorcycle safety and proficiency training program in the U.S. Currently, Stayin’ Safe offers riders the opportunity to explore advanced skills and great roads in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Georgia, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Virginia, West Virginia and Wisconsin. The program is designed to reduce rider risk, build confidence and increase riding enjoyment, all in a format with a high fun factor. The Stayin’ Safe program is popular among long-term riders who value continued skills development and is also ideal for returning riders (those who rode when they were younger and have recently returned to motorcycling) and any road-oriented rider with at least one year of on-street riding experience.

“We are thrilled to be partnering with Stayin’ Safe to offer this invaluable training as an extension of our existing portfolio,” said Condon. “I’ve wanted to expand our on-street training options and since Stayin’ Safe is recognized nationally as the model for real-world training, it was a natural decision. It is truly a top-notch program, and I’m proud to be working with Eric and his team to bring this fabulous program to more riders in the northeastern states.”

Stayin’ Safe announced a partnership just last year with North Carolina-based motorcycle training company, MotoMark1, and its owner and operator, Mark Brown. Brown served as a North Carolina State Highway Patrolman for more than 25 years and was the training coordinator within the Special Operations Motor Unit. As the lead police motor instructor for all North Carolina State Highway motorcycle training, he provided training and oversight for the certification of hundreds of law enforcement motor officers in some of the most rigorous testing in the world on many types of police motorcycles. He is also a cowriter of Pat Hahn’s book Maximum Control.

“In addition to discovering we have a shared belief that rider development should be fun and non-threatening for participants, Mark and I immediately recognized our two programs are highly complementary,” said Trow. “MotoMark1 built its reputation on bringing valuable police-style precision maneuvering training to civilian riders—what MotoMark1 calls, ‘Maximum Control.’ Our Stayin’ Safe program is proving to be a tremendous extension of that program for practical application of those skills. We’ve also learned that many Stayin’ Safe participants are anxious to improve their low-speed riding confidence, so we point them to MotoMark1. It’s a natural fit.”

A frequent participant himself in a variety of advanced skills training programs, Trow is a longstanding advocate for continual learning for riders.

“For years, motorcycle skills development companies approached business as competitors, but I have never seen it that way,” said Trow. “I know that riders who recognize the value of continued skills development will seek out a variety of training opportunities, not just one. Working together with MotoMark1 and now Riding in the Zone not only extends the Stayin’ Safe program to more riders, it also gives our collective customers outstanding opportunities to expand their skills in highly complementary ways—from on-street skills to precision maneuvering to off-road confidence to track days and more. Our collaborative effort is our way of collectively contributing to improving the safety of the rider community and the overall enjoyment of riding.”

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