Clement Salvadori's "No Thru Road"

Clement Salvadori's "No Thru Road: Confessions of a Traveling Man"
Clement Salvadori’s “No Thru Road: Confessions of a Traveling Man”

Rider contributor and moto-journalist Clement Salvadori has been riding motorcycles since the age of 15 and traveling all of his life, accumulating well over a million miles in the saddle across more than 70 countries on six continents. His latest book No Thru Road: Confessions of a Traveling Man is required reading if you’re a fan of his Road Tales column and feature stories in Rider. It covers 30 different trips he has taken, to places like Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, since his first ride through Western Europe in 1957. Salvadori’s adventures are arranged so the reader can open the book to any chapter and dive in. The 416-page book ($21.64 in paperback and $9.99 for a Kindle eBook) includes photos and illustrations and is available at

Those wishing to have an autographed (generally illegible) copy, hand-wrapped and carried to the post office by the author, send a check for $25 to: Trovatello Press, 8240 Toloso Road, Atascadero CA 93422.


  1. Always enjoy reading Clement article’s , I see this month he does talk about different museums, all the ones he mention are great but he did leave out the one in Sturgis, which is a very nice one too. I did want to invite him to stop by my place if he ever gets around Lansing Mi , I got one of the greatest collection of M/C memorabilia anywhere dating from 1890’s to the present, I know he would really enjoy seeing it. My first rally was Laconia in 1965 been back over 20 times since, I know that you went a few times, I will never forget being about 30 feet away from that car on fire and guys drag racing down the Weirs ! Rode my 1956 45 trike there from Maryland in 1976, what a trip that was. Well Clem keep the great articles coming!!


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