Weekend Ride For Kids Events Raise $220,000

Motorcyclists at Ride for Kids events in California and North Carolina over the weekend raised $220,868 for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.

More than 1,200 motorcyclists gathered on May 3 for the Los Angeles and N.C. Triangle Ride for Kids events to honor local brain tumor survivors Amanda, Charlotte, Chase, Cheryl, David, Dylan, Dylan F., Elise, Ella Cate, Ethan, Jamilyn, Julia, Kimberly, Lisa, Micah, Michelle, Samantha and Yverline. These survivors are Ride for Kids Stars.

“I know one day in my life we’ll see a world with no brain tumors,” said Los Angeles Star Michelle.


At each event, motorcyclists are making a difference in the lives of children with brain tumors. The funds they raise aid the PBTF’s medical research and family support programs.

Read more about the events here:

Los Angeles

N.C. Triangle

The events are still collecting donations online. Fundraisers will receive incentive credit through June 3. To find a Ride For Kids event near you, or to donate, visit www.rideforkids.org.


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