Aerostich Transit 2 Suit Review

Aerostich Transit 2 Suit

Back in 2008, Aerostich released the first-generation Transit suit, made of Gore-Tex Pro Shell leather—top-grain leather fused with a breathable, waterproof inner membrane. During tanning, the leather is treated with repellents so it won’t absorb water like traditional leather, and molded-tooth waterproof zippers round out the keep-the-rider-dry strategy. The Transit is covered with thousands of micro-perforations that allow moisture to escape, but wind and water are kept out. And proprietary solar-reflective pigment in the leather helps keep the suit up to 30 degrees cooler than regular leather and resists aging (of the leather, not the rider…sigh).

By combining the style and durability of leather with the waterproofness of Gore-Tex, my original review (Rider, July 2009) said, “The Transit may be the only riding gear you’ll ever need.” And I continued to wear mine over the years, on all kinds of bikes in all kinds of weather in all kinds of places. That Transit suit would have eventually been pried from my cold, dead hands, except that Aerostich decided to improve upon it by adding underarm vent zippers, a small right forearm pocket, a fold-under reflective panel over the back vent for more airflow and a much longer 270-degree pant-to-jacket zipper—all very useful features.

Known for its tough, go-anywhere gear, Aerostich has bestowed the Transit 2 with high-quality zippers, plenty of pockets (five in the jacket, two in the pants), stretch fabric and accordion panels in strategic locations, large reflective panels, and a soft collar and athletic mesh lining for comfort. The extra-long side zippers and belt loops on the pants are much appreciated. The thick leather is supple and requires little break-in, but the removable, CE-approved TF armor can be rather stiff. Although there’s no insulated liner, the wind-blocking suit keeps me comfortable on all but the coldest days; layer with a thermal base layer or fleece jacket if you plan to go ice racing. Really, the only downside (other than price) is the lack of ventilation. The new underarm vents help, but with no chest or leg vents, the thick leather can feel like an oven on hot days.

The Transit 2 jacket ($1,087) is available in sizes 38-52 and the pants ($987) in sizes 30-44, both in short, regular or long. Black only.


  1. I have the Transit suit, and it really is worth the price. If and when I need to replace it, I will get another Transit suit.


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