Custom Triumph Motorcycles to be Revealed at The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show

Handbuilt Motorcycle Show posterThe Handbuilt Motorcycle Show, to be held April 10-12 (Friday-Sunday) in Austin, Texas, will be the site for unveiling two celebrities’ custom Triumph motorcycles.

California-based Kott Motorcycles created a unique Triumph Thruxton for Ryan Reynolds, and Triumph of Westchester, N.Y. completed the rebuild of Jessi Combs’ Triumph Bonneville. The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show features motorcycles on display by invitation only.

This is the first-ever Triumph build for Kott Motorcycles’ owner Dustin Kott, who is known for his work on other brands. Taking design cues from Reynolds, Kott finished the 2014 Thruxton with a mid-1960s look featuring a timeless, cinnamon red paint job and pewter striping.

“Triumph has always been a manufacturer that I’ve looked up to, and I was excited when the opportunity came around to work with them,” said Dustin Kott. “Ryan and I were able to reimagine the Thruxton with this project while still sticking to the bike’s roots.”

On the other side of the country, Triumph of Westchester rebuilt Jessi Combs’ 2012 Bonneville after her unfortunate accident with the bike last fall. Jessi donated her insurance claim reimbursement to the nonprofit Helping With Horsepower, based in Mitchell, South Dakota, when Castrol and Triumph offered to assist her with her Bonneville. With an engine kit from Carpenter Racing, a Dynojet Power Commander and a British Customs Shorty Exhaust fitted on it, the Bonneville now has an output of 90 horsepower.

The Handbuilt Motorcycle Show is part of the off-track festivities surrounding the Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas at Circuit of the Americas. The show is located at 1100 East 5th Street, Austin, TX 78702. Entrance to the show is free of charge to the public. To get more information, visit



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