Butty Buddy Motorcycle Passenger Seat Review

The Butty Buddy is a portable seat, which overlays a motorcycle's small passenger seat or rear fender.
The Butty Buddy is a portable seat, which overlays a motorcycle’s small passenger seat or rear fender.

You’ve seen the video: A willowy blonde standing on a lonely stretch of highway with her thumb out. A chopperesque motorcycle slows to a stop and the rider nods for her to climb aboard. There’s no pillion so she perches on the rear fender, smiles and hangs on. They roar off as the music plays. If only it worked that way in real life.

In the constant struggle of style vs. function, a motorcycle’s seat is a major player. The pilot can adjust to almost any size or shape seat that doesn’t detract from the bike’s lines. The co-pilot’s seat (or seat portion) is a different story. Its primary requirement is to insure the comfort and happiness of its occupant. Not difficult on a big touring machine, but a bit of a stretch on almost everything else.

One company saw the problem and developed a solution so unique that it received a patent. The Butty Buddy is a portable seat, padded with closed cell foam, which overlays the current small rear seat or motorcycle rear fender, and is designed to transform passenger agony into a comfortable and secure riding experience.

The two models of the Butty Buddy vary only by mounting design. The over-seat BB overlays and snugs to a motorcycle’s rear seat or seat portion. For solo seat motorcycles, there’s also a Butty Buddy that secures to the rear fender via large suction cups. Read the information on the website closely concerning its applicability, and also insure your rear fender is braced sufficiently for a passenger’s weight.

Our test machine was a Harley-Davidson Softtail Deuce, a great looking bike with a tiny passenger area. The passenger portion of its stock one-piece seat fit the parameters required by the Butty Buddy (over 4 inches, but no more than 11 inches in width; at least 9 inches in length). Initial installation takes a couple of minutes in order to fit and secure the seat’s positioning stops. Removal and reinstallation take only seconds.

The Butty Buddy enhanced the Deuce’s co-pilot’s worldview, as she now sits about 1-inch higher. With the wider seat, the passenger may experience a little different riding sensation first time out, but soon realizes all is well. The BB’s positioning stops, plus its center-tunneled gripper area, plus the passenger’s weight keep it secure and stable, even on curvy roads.

End Result: the Butty Buddy made two people happy—the passenger, for vastly increased comfort; and the rider, that he didn’t have to buy a clunky new seat, or motorcycle!

The Butty Buddy comes complete with the tools needed for the simple install and a tote bag used for storage. The company says that the Butty Buddy also works well on hard benches at football games and racing events.

The company website contains a great deal of product information and sells the Butty Buddy direct for $149.95, which includes free shipping in the USA. There’s a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee.

For more information: Call (865) 806-2975 or visit buttybuddy.com


  1. CAUSES FENDER DAMAGE!!! The bare fender Butty Buddy seat left a huge dent on my fender under the right suction cup after a 30 minute ride with my 130 lb. girlfriend. Harley dealership has quoted over $1,300 to repair the dent. Not worth the risk!!!

  2. The add says make sure you fender is strong enough to take the weight of the passenger.
    Ogoerin it was not the seat that damage you fender, was passenger weight on a weak fender so is your fault not the seat.

  3. The seat doesn’t stay in place and when you try to return it, they never get back with you. I would never recommend this seat to anyone.


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