Yamaha Champions Riding School Announces More Dates

Yamaha Champions Riding School has officially sold out its June 9-10 dates and is turning its focus to the next schools in July. July 14-15 or 16-17 are the next available dates. Here is the remainder of the YCRA schedule for 2014…

2 Days. Monday, 07/14 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 07/15 (Thunderbolt)
2 Days. Wednesday 07/16 (Thunderbolt) – Thursday, 07/17 (Lightning)
3 Days.  Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 08/12-14 (3 Day school with dirt track)
2 Days. Thursday, 08/28 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 08/29 (Lightning)
2 Days. Monday, 09/15 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 09/16 (Thunderbolt)
2 Days. Thursday, 09/18 (Thunderbolt) – Friday, 09/19 (Lightning)
2 Days. Monday, 10/06 (Lightning) – Tuesday, 10/07 (Thunderbolt)
2 Days.  Wednesday, 10/08 (Thunderbolt) – Thursday, 10/09 (Lightning)

YCRA’s training curriculum covers everything from choosing the best line through a corner to correct use of the brakes. A combination of drills, lead-follow lapping, open lapping, discussions, on-track demonstrations and on-track video recording is also used to help students meet their goals.

For more information or to register, call (855)-743-3927 or visit ridelikeachampion.com.


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