BMW Allround Motorcycle Boots Review

BMW Allround Motorcycle Boots
BMW Allround Motorcycle Boots

Nobody should debate the importance of good footgear, whether it’s for dancing, hiking, playing tennis or riding a motorcycle. Years ago I met a rider on a chopper with a foot clutch who prided himself on riding barefoot; I can’t say I’d recommend that. If something happens, be it falling off, slamming your foot down in a sandy corner or merely getting hit by the stones and whatnot thrown up by daily travel, I’d be far happier with a pair of appropriate footgear.

Such as these BMW Allround boots, which are CE-approved and designed to both protect and keep your feet dry. The boots are made of a combination of leather and Cordura, using a Gore-Tex membrane that ensures waterproofness. That is one thing I could not really test, as my part of California has been pretty drought-stricken for months, so I will have to take it on the word of BMW Motorrad.

BMW Allround Motorcycle Boots
BMW Allround Motorcycle Boots

The shaft, that tall bit which protects the shin, is 12 inches from the inner sole to top, and the insoles are removable for airing out. Closing the boot entails pulling up a 6-inch zipper, and then at the top is a crossover piece that fastens with hook-and-loop. A loop in back at the top of each boot helps to pull them on, and the thick rubber soles provide a good grip on the asphalt or dirt. An added safety feature is the reflective material on the heel of each boot.

Protection appears to be excellent, though I hope not to find out personally. The ankles are reinforced, along with the toes. One minor criticism is that the hard shell used to protect the toes can initially numb the feeling of the shift lever moving. However, after a couple of hundred miles, my left foot became accustomed to the minimal feel. I will also note that BMW has shift pads on both left and right boots, either for aesthetic balance or owners of old English motorcycles—perhaps both.

BMW has been making motorcycle gear for a long time, and knows full well what sells. The sizing is pretty accurate, but it is always best to try on boots before you buy. These Allround boots have women’s sizing 4 to 11, and men’s, 6.5 to 13, and are priced competitively at $249.

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(This Gearlab review was published in the May 2014 issue of Rider magazine.)


  1. There are 2 versions of this boot. The earlier one was put on sale. That’s truly amazing to find anything BMW on sale! It differs from the latter version in the lining at the top. The older one, that I own is very rough and will abrade your skin if your not wearing a high called thick sock. They would be better “all around” boot if they were geared a bit more toward trail use.

    In that respect the Santiago boot is really for me the “all around”

    These are my go to boot and I just wore them for a 3 week 3500 mile trip every day. They don’t leak. Your feet breath and they stay warm. Best boots I have ever owned or worn. Gortex works!

    They are good for everything from sport bike to dual sport but like I said not sturdy enough for me off pavement on a GS type of bike.

    Go Santiago if your really looking for it all.

  2. I ride to work nearly every day year-around in all weather except when roads are icy or slippery. So I wear my BMW All-Arounds daily as well, work days and weekends. Over the past ten years I have worn three different pairs. The oldest pair is beginning to show it’s age. They are “stylish” enough to look good with business casual wear and comfortable enough to wear all day, every day. I’ve looked at others but not found any comparable

  3. Don, These are probably good to 25 F. I have had to 35 a couple times this summer and feet were very warm, not approaching cool. Size a half size up maybe, fit a thin wool sock in there without restricting blood. Very , very pleased, holding up perfectly after 10k around the west and NE.

    • They have a hard insert hidden on the inside of the ankle, but the outside is just thicker, somewhat resistant leather layers. They are not an ADV boot, unless you are primarily unpaved/gravel and not regularly dumping the bike in rocks and at risk to snap an ankle (the most common moto injuries are low speed, lower leg, so boots!!!! ). I will use these on the MABDR, no worries, but will ride with awareness that I don’t have bomb proof armor on my ankles. Side boxes help creat space, and prevent full weight landing on tibia.


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