Honda Releases First 2015 Models

Honda’s first release of new and returning models for 2015 includes the futuristic NM4 and PCX150 scooter. Here’s what Honda has to say about these machines.

2015 Honda NM4
2015 Honda NM4


If you’ve ever wanted to transport yourself into the future, this is your machine. By design, the NM4 shakes up the status quo and explodes conventional barriers in order to attract a whole new segment of forward-thinking riders to motorcycling. Beneath its futuristic bodywork there’s a 670cc, liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine with four valves per cylinder, automatic dual-clutch transmission and ABS. Storage pockets in the fairing plus saddlebags add real-world utility, and the rear turn signals are neatly integrated into the rear bags. The rider settles easily onto a comfy seat that’s perched a low, 25.6 inches off the ground, and there’s also a cool and practical rider backrest feature—the passenger seat flips up and can be set at three different angles and slides fore and aft to one of four positions. Full LED lighting lets the NM4 stand out whether it’s coming or going, the fat, 200mm rear tire imparts a cool look, and the meter display can be illuminated in any of 25 different color choices—nearly one for every day of the month. All this and more add up to one of the coolest new bikes in the Honda line. Color: Black Metallic; Price: $10,999; Availability: June

2015 Honda PCX150
2015 Honda PCX150


The PCX150 stands out as a best-seller worldwide thanks to its modern design and remarkable value for money in terms of initial purchase price, low operating costs and thrifty fuel efficiency. Now the next generation arrives. Its low-friction Enhanced Smart Power [eSP™] 153cc, liquid-cooled engine is even more efficient than before, and a larger, 2.1-gallon fuel tank helps give it greater range between fill-ups too. The PCX150 also gets a new look and increased comfort and convenience features, including new seating for rider and passenger comfort. Stylish LED headlights, taillight and turn signals add a trendsetting touch, and a handy 12-volt accessory socket serves as a convenient charging station for personal electronics. With a light curb weight of 295 pounds, a nimble, 51.8-inch wheelbase and a low, 29.9-inch seat height, the PCX150 serves as an easygoing ride that adds a big element of fun to the day’s travels. Colors: Metallic Black, Pearl White; Price: $3449; Availability: July


  1. Traditionally, Honda is not stupid. However, I just can’t imagine anybody in the USA wanting to ride anything as ugly as the NM4. Maybe Honda should leave the “cruiser” world to the main players and revert to offering us REAL motorcycles. The CB500f is a GREAT start; but the CB650f would be MUCH better!

  2. I can’t believe Honda would drop the ST1300 before giving us one with the double clutch transmission! I love my ST, best bike ever built, only one thing could make it better, double clutch.

  3. I am a Honda fan, big time. BUT, sometimes I really marvel at their thinking. DN-01, NM-4, however many times do you have to shoot yourself in the foot before you decide it hurts. Who is it that tells them this is worth the cost to bring to the U.S.? Must be the same guy that tells them it’s not worth the cost to bring in the models we often clamor for enmass and decides it wouldn’t be profitable. How many “NEW COKES” are they going to let this guy unleash before they realize it is him they can’t afford. It only took one such mistake to wake up Coca cola.

    • I don’t think you understand that these pet-projects are not designed to sell in large numbers. What they are are… stepping stone.. products. That being said, besides the DN-01 how many other “new cokes” has Honda produced? You act like Honda’s been putting out dud after dud after dud, lol.

      Understand this: innovation is needed, new products and designs and technologies only come about through trial and error. Honda can afford to experiment, they are by far the biggest Motorcycle company in the world, they sell over 15 million bikes a year! However the U.S, is a tiny weeny market for Honda.

      In 2011 Honda sold 189,000 motorcycles in the U.S. so far in 2014 they’ve sold 276,000, so they must be doing something right. me thinks your “new coke” comments make no sense whatsoever.

  4. If Honda wants to bring us something futuristic, why not update the PC800 with fuel injection and another gallon of fuel capacity and call it a day? It had one of the highest JG Power customer satisfaction ratings of ANY Honda product. Or bring us the Transalp again!
    “Adventure” bikes are selling well these days (GS, V-Strom, KLR650, Super Tenere).

  5. The designers and head engineers at Honda, HAVE to be high, delusional, ???… WHO is going to ride that thing? IF I am the one that is high and delusional or ???, then I am glad I am. Because I think the best motorcycle co that ever existed (I think) has lost it, and I guess I am just missing something. They have a HELL of alot more money than I do, so maybe they know something that I do not…

  6. Triumph & Honda drop the Sprint & ST1300; Harley & Zero are building electric; scooters & Can Ams are everywhere; without a doubt the motorcycle landscape is changing, but sales will determine the winners and losers. I love my NC700X (manual trans), lacks surreal-world power but plenty of the real-world stuff. And 2 gallons of gas for a 140 mile sprint makes it better. This NM4 is a shock on the eyes, but the feature list and unique look may appeal to a substantial & diverse group of riders. And the rest will buy something else. But we will all be riding.

  7. Honda has quite a history of building some pretty unique vehicles. Some of them were home runs (Gold Wing), others failed to generate any interest at the time of release (GB500). Where would we be without the ATC90, the machine that led to the 4-wheeler market? Look at the rabid following of other makes, like the Pacific Coast, and the Ruckus. I say go ahead Honda, keep building ‘experiments’ like the Rune, Groms, and NM4. If there’s anything I’ve learned about motorcycles and motorcyclists is that it truly is about all bikes to all people!


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