Royal Enfield Unveils New Pricing Strategy

2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT Café Racer in red.
2014 Royal Enfield Continental GT Café Racer in Red.

In a recent move to reposition the brand, Royal Enfield has dropped its retail pricing dramatically, shifting up its efforts to lead the mid-size motorcycle market.

With increasing global demand and a new state-of-the-art factory, Royal Enfield has set its sights on becoming a worldwide leader in the growing midsize motorcycle market (250cc-750cc). Siddartha Lal, the CEO and owner of Royal Enfield, kicked off the campaign by setting the tone  with the MSRP of the new 535cc Continental GT Café racer at only $5,999—much lower than industry observers expected.

2014 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 in Forest Green
2014 Royal Enfield Bullet 500 in Forest Green

Kevin Mahoney, the CEO of Classic Motorworks (the exclusive U.S. importer of Royal Enfield), stated lowering the MSRP prices on the rest of the product line naturally followed suit with the MSRP on some of the products dropping by almost $1,400.

“The suggested retail price range of the product line now starts at $4,999 and tops out at $5,999 for the new 535cc Continental GT,” Mahoney said. “This effort in repositioning Royal Enfield as a brand will not only put more bikes on the road, but simultaneously retain more of the market share here in the U.S.”

2014 Model Pricing

The prices for all available motorcycles and sidecars are listed below.

Bullet B5 Bullet 500
Bullet G5 Deluxe
Bullet C5 Classic Special
Bullet C5 Military Special
Bullet C5 Chrome Special
Continental GT Racer
Cozy Sidecar

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