Edelweiss Offers New Alps Riding Academy

Edelweiss Bike Travel is now offering an Alps Riding Academy. The Alps Riding Academy is five days of training with one of the world’s best and most experienced instructors, Christian Preining. Participants will learn to confidently and safely merge themselves with their motorcycle and their motorcycle with the road, the weather and the traffic in one of the world’s most beautiful locations.

Among the topics covered in the five-day riding academy are:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of various cornering styles?
  • Which style should be used for fast corners?
  • How to brake in curves?
  • What is a good line in blind corners?
  • Which line do I take in tight hairpins?
  • How to make sure not to run wide?
  • How do I brake downhill in the rain on slippery asphalt?
  • How to deal with decreasing radius curves?
  • How to deal with narrow, curvy, unlit tunnels?

Companions are welcome! Even if they don’t ride or train with you, you and your companion can share accommodations, breakfasts, dinners and evening explorations in the beautiful
venue locations.

There are six training dates scheduled for June, July and August 2014, with groups ranging from 3-6 people. Each session is seven days long with five training days. For more information, visit edelweissbike.com.



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