Triumph Launches 24/7 Customer Support

Triumph has launched the industry’s first 24/7 customer support initiative.

Triumph’s new customer support covers the U.S. and Canada and provides tech support, motorcycle advice and can facilitate roadside assistance. The service will operate 365 days a year, including all holidays, and can be reached at (888) 284-6288 or via a Live Chat button on

“Like us, Triumph owners are passionate about the brand and the motorcycle lifestyle,” said Greg Heichelbech, CEO of Triumph North America. “Our dealers and Triumph owners think about motorcycles when they’re awake and dream about them when they’re asleep. We want to be there to support them at any time, even when they can’t sleep because they have a burning question.”

Heichelbech noted that Triumph wants to lead the industry in customer support and better serve its rapidly growing customer base in the U.S. and Canada.

Triumph’s previous customer support hours were 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Saturday (EST)

A video introducing Triumph’s 24/7 Customer Support can be viewed here:


  1. I asked them how to take off bar end mirrors on my ’13 Thruxton – took off the retaining bolt but mirrors will not come off. They told me to take it to my nearest stockist – what a load of codswallop!

  2. Hi: Got a problem… I took off the air box on my 2006 scrambler and now she will not rev, just peters out. It idles ok, just won’t rev. Does it need the air box to run past an idle? It ran just fine before class I started messing with it. I have been working on cars and engines for 40 years, but this bike has me feeling like an idiot, and probably rightly so. Aloha, Ron in Kona, Hawaii

  3. Hello I have 96 triumph thunderbird the rear mono shock hits hard should it be adjusted up or down to soften ride ? Or is there anything else I could do ? Thanks

    • Turning the preload down should soften the ride a bit. If it’s still an issue, you might consider putting a softer spring on it. Your dealer can help you decide on the best course of action.

    • It’s hard to explain…but you’re reducing the spring compression, which we refer to as “lowering” or reducing preload. It has the effect of lowering the ride height of the motorcycle. The trouble with this is that if you lower it too much in relation to the front (and your bike likely does not have adjustable forks), it will negatively affect handling. It could just be that you need a softer spring–most bikes come from the factory with stiff springs. I’ve always had to put different springs on my bikes for exactly this reason.

  4. Live chat doesn’t work, just tried it for the fifth time on a third connection and still got the “lost connection” notice, funny how everything else still works though. Trying to find out if the Rocket III is for me or not but with no dealership in town I’m starting to lean towards a Diavel instead. Just want some info but …
    The shear fact these questions are on this page that declares that they have live support attests to the troubles it must be having.

  5. anyone give possible solution to this problem. I noticed the coolant level was below min level on the reserve tank of an 11 Sprint GT 1050. I added coolant to the reserve tank and went for about twenty minutes and returned. I did some stuff in the garage for about ten minutes afterwards and everything looked fine. The following morning. I went to the garage and was greeted by a spill of coolant all over the floor. Yet, from what I can tell, the hoses ( that are easily seen) appear intact.

  6. I can’t see to find a way to remove the “wrench” icon off of my 2021 Street Triple’s dash. I performed the service myself as it was a simple oil change and I don’t want to stare at the icon forever if I don’t have to. Scrolling through my menus, the service section where it shows the date and the miles, there is no reset option. Any help with how I can reset this without taking my bike to the triumph dealer? The dealership is 4+ hours away and I can’t go far off base without permission.


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