2013 Triumph Trophy Pricing Announced

Pricing for the new Triumph Trophy was recently released. The U.S. price for the Trophy SE starts at $18,999. Dealer delivery is scheduled for January, 2013.

The Trophy SE is a luxury tourer that focuses on comfort combined with agile handling. The Trophy features high-level equipment including cruise control, traction control, a fully featured trip computer, electronic screen adjustment, three 12v power sockets and ABS as standard. Also included with the Trophy SE is electronic suspension adjustment, a full Bluetooth enabled audio system, and an electronic tire-pressure monitoring system.

The 1,215cc, 3-cylinder, shaft-drive Trophy SE provides high levels of torque, performance and handling. The SE offers an extended service interval (10,000 miles / 16,000km’s between major services) and a 2-year manufacturer warranty.


  1. I believe that the market is already saturated with look a like bikes. I can’t believe that Triumph is copying in every way the BMW R1200RT. At the beginning I thought they were competing big time with BMW Motorrad, but now and looking at their Trophy bike and their price announcement, I’m in shocked. Come on Triumph, you can do better then that. stop copying others and be proud of your own bike designs. Stop being wanna-be’s.

  2. The Trophy looks like a sport tourer in much the way that bikes in other classes (e.g., sport bikes, cruisers) look the same. Form follows function. Where I think Triumph will ace BMW’s RT is with the triple motor which will eat the boxer twin for lunch. Boxer lovers will cite the weight advantage and people will ride what they like. BMW’s 6 may beat out Triumph’s triple, but at a cost of weight and money. Wouldn’t it be nice if Yamaha and Honda brought something new to this party?


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