Kymco Unveils 2013 Scooters

Offering four all-new scooters that range from a lightweight and agile 50cc commuter to a quick and comfortable 500cc tourer, Kymco USA’s two-wheeler line for 2013 will no doubt satisfy a variety of customer desires.

The newly designed Xciting 500 Ri ABS ($6,899), Kymco USA’s largest displacement premium model for 2013, is powered by a 38-horsepower, fuel-injected and liquid-cooled 499cc DOHC engine. It is rich on amenities, including underseat storage large enough for a backpack or helmet and jacket, a lockable glove box, useful 12V accessory outlet, and traditional gauges, as well as clock, odometer, multi-function trip meter, and fuel and temperature sensors.

2013 Xciting 500 Ri ABS
2013 Xciting 500 Ri ABS

The 440-pound scoot offers an easy-to-maneuver, 61.8-inch wheelbase and 30.7-inch seat height that can accommodate a variety of rider sizes. Further aiding maneuverability is a telescopic front fork and dual adjustable hydraulic shocks, bump-absorbing 120/70-15 front and 150/70-14 rear tires, and a 3.38-gallon fuel tank that is slung low to optimize center of gravity.

Braking is supplied by dual discs with twin-pot calipers up front and a single disc with dual piston caliper in the rear. As the model name suggests, assistance is provided by a new generation Bosch ABS. And, once stopped, a hand-pull parking brake locks the entire package into place.

The Xciting 500 Ri ABS is available in Gray or Gold, both with red performance-accented rear suspension spring and brake calipers.

COMPAGNO 50i/110i

2013 Compagno 50i
2013 Compagno 50i

The Compagno 50i (MSRP $2,599) and Compagno 110i ($2,999) offer a popular, classic design with the inner workings of a modern machine.

The Compagno 50i is motivated by an air-cooled, 49.5cc, three-valve, fuel-injected SOHC engine that delivers enough power to safely traverse the surface streets of any community. Designed with a low 29-inch seat height, the 189-lb. scoot should prove enjoyable to operate for novice and experienced riders alike. Amenities include underseat storage, LCD digital fuel gauge and clock, foldaway passenger pegs, magnetic key lock, and a secured gas cap offering access to a 1.45-gallon fuel tank. The Compagno 50i is available in Black or White, both colors highlighted by silver accents.

2013 Compagno 110i
2013 Compagno 110i

With all of the features and amenities of the Compagno 50i, but with a more powerful air-cooled, 112cc, four-valve, fuel-injected SOHC engine, the Compagno 110i is available in Light Blue or Metallic Mocha

A modern mid-size urban commuter in an affordable package, the Movie 150 ($3,199) is powered by a carbed and air-cooled, 149cc, four-valve, four-stroke SOHC engine producing a trustworthy 13.5 horsepower.

Weighing in at 250 pounds (dry), the Movie 150 rolls on 110/70-12 front and 130/70-12 rear tires, features single disc front and rear brakes, maintains a vast storage space under its 30.7-inch seat height, and is outfitted with a speedometer, odometer, clock and fuel gauge—the last of which you won’t need to rely on too often thanks to the bike’s miserly consumption and nearly 2-gallon fuel tank.

2013 Movie 150
2013 Movie 150

The Movie 150 is available in Tangerine or Black, both with red performance-accented rear suspension spring and brake calipers.

Other Models
Kymco USA’s 16-model on-road vehicle line for 2013 is rounded out by the returning Downtown 200i ($5,199) and Downtown 300i ($5,599), People GT 200i ($4,899) and People GT 300i ($5,399), Like 200i ($2,699) and Like 200i LX ($2,799), Agility 125 ($1,899) and Super 8 150 ($2,499).

The smaller displacement line, in addition to the new Compagno 50i, includes the returning Agility 50 ($1,499), Super 8 50 2T ($2,199), Like 50 ($2,199) and Like 50 LX ($2,299).

All Kymco scooters are sold with a two-year factory warranty and will be available in September 2012. For more information, visit


  1. Gees I bet that 500cc model has some serious get up and go, but in all honesty if you’re going to get a bike with an engine that big.. Why would you want an oversized scooter? I prefer a real bike.

  2. I love my Kymco xciting 500. It does have some get up and go. I like it because there is no shifting. One thing I wish they would improve, would be to lower the seat height.

  3. Why are people so attracted to scooters, besides being just fun to drive? There are many good reasons, here are a few:
    1. They get excellent gas mileage. Honda’s new PCX scooter is listed to give you up to 102mpg. Genuine Scooter Company who produces the 140mpg Stella also has the award winning Blur Scooter that gets 78mpg. The Kymco Downtown 300i gets 69mpg, etc.
    2. These days 99% of scooters have an automatic (CVT) transmission, which means you don’t have a clutch and no gears to change like a motorcycle, just give it some gas and go!
    3. Scooter engines are placed below where you sit, which makes scooters simpler to get on and off then motorcycles; also easier to maneuver and handle in city driving partially at low speeds with their automatic transmissions.
    4. Almost all scooters have underseat storage. Some will hold two helmets and still have space for other small items.
    5. Scooters come in an array of sizes. Small ones to be driven at the beach or around the neighborhood. There are ones for commuting too and from work. Then there are the Mid-size and Maxi scooters that can be driven locally or easily rode at freeway speeds for cross-country traveling.

    I own a Genuine Blur 220i & a Kymco Downtown 300i both are great bikes!


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