Joe Rocket Meteor Boots Review

Joe Rocket Meteor Boots
Joe Rocket Meteor Boots

Like gold vs. silver, there are brown leather people and black leather people. As with most motorcyclists, I’m definitely a black leather guy. Without fail, on a bike, down the sidewalk or around the Rider cubicle feedlot, I like walkin’ tall in my big black boots. Among the many pairs of boots vying for sunlight in my closet—I’m like Imelda Marcos, with shorter heels and less drama—these Joe Rocket Meteor boots have elevated me above lesser animals for more than two years. I took to the stylish, full leather, midheight boots right away. With a shin flap that secures with hook-and-loop and a single, easy-to-use buckle, slipping the Meteors on and off is effortless. The Dry-Tech moisture-wicking interior with padded ankle area is comfortable, and between it and the leather is a waterproof, breathable membrane. On dozens of rides over thousands of miles, I’ve enjoyed Goldilocks feet: dry and not too hot, not too cold. The rubber sole is durable, yet it flexes enough for good feel on the pegs and comfort while walking. Prior to writing this, I wore the Meteors all day everyday for a few weeks. Comfortable as any other shoes I own, be they motorcycle boots or casual kicks.

Though I haven’t crash tested them, compared to other boots I’ve worn and tested, the Meteors offer midlevel crash protection. The shin and gear shift areas are reinforced with extra leather, and there is molded plastic armor to protect the outside of the foot and ankle. But none of the space-age stuff you see on race boots.

I like the basic, no-frills design of Joe Rocket’s Meteor boots. Nice lines on the basic black leather, with a touch of white stitching and a silver buckle for flair. I’m not a fan of the embossed suede graphics on the ankle strap and inside the foot, but the logo has to go somewhere and that stuff is hidden when you’re riding. A swatch of reflective material on the back aids nighttime visibility.

One-color-fits-all (black) Joe Rocket Meteor Boots are available in men’s sizes 7-13. MSRP is $129.99. If you prefer a taller boot, check out the full-length Sonic boot, which has the same styling and features for an extra 10 bucks.

For more information: See your Joe Rocket dealer or call (208) 932-0303



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