Canyon Dancer Bar-Harness II Review

[This Canyon Dancer Bar-Harness II gear review was originally published in the October 2010 issue of Rider]

by Chris Burko

Canyon Bar HarnessWhen you transport as many motorcycles as I do for this great publication, it pays to have a bar-harness strap that’s not only durable, dependable and tough, but also quick and easy to use. Big thanks to the folks at Canyon Dancer Motorcycle Products for coming up with such a strap. Bar-harness straps provide a stable and secure area to attach tie down straps that will be fastened to a trailer or truck bed. CDMP’s new product, the Bar-Harness II, does an even better job.

A unique feature that sets the Harness II apart from other bar-harness straps on the market is the use of hard plastic cups fastened to the end of each strap. Made from glass-filled, injection-molded polycarbonate, these rugged cups are especially helpful when dealing with motorcycles with large fairings that make it difficult, if not impossible, to attach a conventional strap to the triple tree or other main frame area for support. The Bar-Harness II’s design also allows for the tie downs to be farther out on the bars to better clear a wider variety of fairings on the sides as well.

Unlike other more conventional straps, the Bar-Harness II won’t contort your expensive hand grips into a useless, distorted mess of rubber. The cups act as a buffer between the hand grips and harness. They are conveniently sized to fit even the fattest grips in the industry. Nothing is left to chance; the design team at Canyon Dancer even considered the possibility of years of weather and abuse damaging the cups and weakening their performance and has shrewdly embedded a steel D-ring into the cup mold for added strength in the unlikely event the cups should fail. CD also claims to have also increased the strength of the strap itself by using a heavier thread with more stitches in a pattern for greater strength as well as a contrasting thread color which aids in detecting flaws or damage. In addition, the straps are constructed of expensive polyester instead of more commonly used nylon, which as been proven to withstand damaging UV sun damage better than nylon.

The fine folks at Canyon Dancer also thought to cover the center strap with a plush fur cushion to avoid any damage to your bike’s paint job. If all this strikes your interest but you’re still having concerns as to whether or not they will fit your large mount, the Bar-Harness II comes in a wide range of sizes that fit bars ranging from 28-40 inches wide. They retail for around $29.95.

Canyon Dancer Inc. does not sell directly to customers, but its website has a listing of various retailers throughout the United States and Canada, and includes information on correct sizing and answers commonly asked questions about CD’s products. Even if you don’t haul the variety and amount of motorcycles that I do, it’s always nice to have a dependable, easy-to-use strap that’s always ready in a pinch.

For more information: Contact Canyon Dancer Motorcycle Products at (530) 527-7926 or Canyon Dancer Motorcycle Products



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