2012 American Suzuki Lineup Teaser

American Suzuki 2012 Tease Blurry headlight
American Suzuki 2012 Tease

American Suzuki is such a tease. Over the last several weeks it has been slowly but steadily releasing increasingly detailed images of what it says is a new “middle-class” motorcycle, one we presume it will be releasing in its 2012 model lineup…but the images are all Suzuki has shared so far. From what we can make out in the latest release, however, the bike is almost certainly an updated V-Strom, from the “middle-class” description most likely the 650. It appears to have a restyled fairing, windscreen and muffler, as well as a new seat and passenger grab handles. Other than getting a slightly more powerful alternator (2008), dual spark plugs, increased wheelbase and available ABS (2007), this great bike has remained virtually unchanged since its 2004 debut, so it’s about time for a facelift. You can check out the 2011 model (with standard ABS) at suzukicycles.com.


Some more teaser images American Suzuki has released. What do you think?

2012 American Suzuki Mountain Promo

2012 American Suzuki Mountain Promo Blue Outline

2012 American Suzuki Mountain Promo Right Side



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