Snider’s Paint Guard Review

Motorcycle bodywork, especially fuel tanks and color-matched luggage, is prone to getting scratched. We climb on and off motorcycles hastily, we bump into them, and, of course, there’s the occasional not-my-fault tip over. The realities of motorcycle ownership being what they are, I decided to give Snider’s Paint Guard a try.

Snider's Paint Guard
Snider's Paint Guard

Installation is pretty basic. Thin tracing type paper is provided with the material, tape it in place and use it to make a pattern. Transfer the patterns and cut the pieces. No adhesive is used so don’t worry about cutting the pattern on the wrong side. The actual paint protection product is 3 sheets of 11 x 14 inch material that stick by static cling. The detailed instructions suggest application over a freshly-waxed surface.

Fill a mister bottle with a few drops of liquid soap and water then liberally spray the tank and material. The slick surface allows the material to be easily moved around and positioned on the wet surface. Final application requires a method to squeegee out the water. I used a credit card then a clean rag. Work carefully from center to edge to avoid shifting the material. Work slowly and patiently. A low temp hairdryer can be used for difficult curves. Small bubbles will disappear within 24 hours so don’t fret.

Snider's Paint Guard
Snider's Paint Guard

In many online forums, the product is suggested as protection from scuffing from touring accessories like soft luggage or tank bags. It is removable and can be reinstalled. Good thing, since it took me two tries to get the install correct on my BMW R 1150 RT tank. I didn’t get it clean enough and the edges lifted in the rain like sun-burnt skin. If possible, protect the edges by rolling them under any available lip. Patient application is the trick here.

It blends well with the contours making the applied product nearly impossible to photograph. Time will tell about longevity but it’s been on the Beemer for two months now. Nice product. Cheap, too. Just $14 through Aerostich /


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