2011 Aprilia 750 Shiver | First Look Review

Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS
Aprilia Shiver 750 ABS

A few years after joining the Piaggio Group, Aprilia began building its own motors, including the 750cc 90-degree V-twin in the Shiver, which debuted in 2008. During our road test (Rider, December 2008), the 486 pounds-wet machine put 76 horsepower to the rear wheel on Jett Tuning’s Dynojet dyno. For 2011, the Aprilia 750 Shiver’s engine and chassis will remain the same, but the aggressively styled bike gets a bikini fairing with flyscreen, sportier riding position, wave brake rotors and narrower rear wheel. Footpegs move rearward, handlebars move forward and the seat will be two inches narrower. Moving from a 6.0- to 5.5-inch rear wheel should improve handling with quicker turn-in. Returning is Aprilia’s signature Ride by Wire multi-map technology, with Sport, Touring and Rain modes. The 2011 Shiver is available now in either Aprila Black or Crowd Silver for the same price as the 2008 model: $8,999.


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