Platypus Hydration Bags Review

Water: you gotta have it, so why not make it convenient to carry? Unlike a bag of coffee or oatmeal, your canteen or water bottle takes up as much space empty as it does full. You wouldn’t waste space carrying a can of coffee with just a few grinds rattling around in the bottom, so why tote along a bulky water bottle with just a haze of H2O clinging to its sides? That’s the question that Cascade Designs, makers of flexible, foldable, packable Platypus water containers has been asking and answering for years. Their conformal containers reduce your bulk as soon as you dip into your water stores.

Platypus Hydration Bags
Platypus Hydration Bags

On a GS camping tour of Nevada back roads last fall, I carried a two-liter (70 ounce) Platy Bottle and one-liter plusBottle, both of which weigh just 1.3 ounces when empty. These versatile polyethylene bladders pack just about anywhere, and their modern materials don’t give the water a plastic taste. Platypus products can take the heat…or the cold. For a sleeping bag warmer, just fill a Platy Bottle with hot water before retiring. Or freeze one partially full before heading into the desert, top off with water and let the ice cool your drinks all day long.

See the whole range of made-in-Seattle Platypus hydration systems


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