VanStarr Leather Motorcycle Arm Chaps

[This VanStarr Leather Motorcycle Arm Chaps Review was originally published in American Rider magazine]
VanStarr Motorcycle Industry Arm Chaps
VanStarr Motorcycle Industry Arm Chaps

VanStarr Enterprises introduces a simple, yet very beneficial product to the Motorcycle Industry; Motorcycle Arm Chaps.

This unique product, similar to gloves, is designed to cover a person’s forearms, wrists, and hands, all while leaving the fingers totally exposed. Made with 1.5 mm to 1.8 mm thick leather, with a zipper that runs from the wrist area to the upper forearm area, this first of its kind accessory provides numerous benefits including, but not limited to:

1.Extra warmth during all seasons of the year, whether its night time riding in the summer, or cold weather riding. This extra warmth is “adjustable” due to a zipper that extends from the wrist area to the upper forearm area.

2.Depending on how worn, Arm Chaps can drastically reduce the amount of wind going up a riders sleeves, or can 100% stop the wind from going up the sleeves. This has always been a major annoyance to many riders.

3.Provides very comfortable wrist support for those who take long rides, or those that get numb hands/fingers during a ride, or even those that have wrist issues like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

4.Allows shirt/coat sleeves to be tucked inside if necessary, simply by leaving the Arm Chaps unzipped, which allows the leather around the upper forearm to expand considerably. Again you control this expansion of the Arm Chap.

5.Arm Chaps even provide a very stylish look for both men and woman with all their current riding clothing options. Plus they are a great extension of the bikes themselves if customized with the studs found on the seats/saddlebags of the bike.

VanStarr Leather Motorcycle Arm Chaps6.Forms an extra layer of protection between you and the road, and any debris that gets kicked up such as rocks, sand, bugs. Also protects from an unexpected traffic accident where the rider meets the pavement, and from burns often encountered working near the engine/exhaust systems. Protects injuries you may already have on your arms. Protects expensive tattoos, and even protects you from the sun itself for those sensitive to it due to medical conditions/cancer.

7.Improves your grip of handlebars and other things. They can also easily be worn under your regular gloves.

8.Allows total finger movement to do most any task you would normally do, which is very beneficial in many work environments.

9.There are 100’s of things you can do without taking off the Arm Chaps, whereas, you’d have to take off regular gloves to accomplish that same task. Such as smoking, reaching into pockets, fiddling with your money, etc…

10.Provides a sense of security, and feeling less vulnerable while doing many dangerous things including riding.

What’s really amazing about Arm Chaps is that they are both useful for Motorcycle Riders Passengers and also very beneficial for people in several industries including the Tree Service/Logging industries, Nursery Landscaping industries, Mechanics, Farmers, various Hunters, Snowboard Skiers, Sheet Metal workers, Truckers, Restoration Demolition workers, Sandblasters, Cold Storage workers, Grinder operators, Barb Razor wire installers, plus dozens of other types of people that just need extra protection for their arms, even people who bruise easily or have very thin skin due to medical conditions.

Made from leather that is not lined so it feels great against the skin and breathes well, Arm Chaps truly are a multi-use type of product. Available in numerous colors, prices start at only $36.95 (plus S and H).

Afternote: VanStarr has only set up a few dealers in the US, but are looking to expand to new dealerships who want to provide their customers with the latest in protection, comfort, wrist support, adjustable warmth, and style, all benefits which will increase the safety and enjoyment of many activities people are involved in. Once people understand how Arm Chaps work, they’ll quickly see how the benefits apply to many of the things they do. They will also see how those benefits could be helpful for their friends and family who may also need extra protection, warmth, or wrist support.


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