Rev’it Infinity Motorcycle Riding Suit Review

This is one sophisticated piece of riding gear. The Rev’it Infinity one-piece motorcycle riding suit is made of “Schoeller FTC—Dynatec 3-layer with Schoeller NanoSphere 3D laminated fabric.” Schoeller is a Swiss textile manufacturer, and Dynatec is a synthetic fabric designed for protective motorcycle apparel. Dynatec is said to offer tear resistance, resistance to further tearing (once already torn), abrasion resistance, long life and easy cleaning. NanoSphere is a high-tech coating that repels water, oil and dirt and adds more abrasion resistance. No wonder Rev’It’s tag line is “engineered skin.”

Designed for riding in “the most extreme weather conditions,” Rev’It claims the Infinity is waterproof, windproof and breathable. Waterproof, double-tooth TIZIP MasterSeal zippers—a full-length one from the left ankle to the neck, and another up the inside of the right leg—maintain a water barrier where most zippers do not, and they make it easy to get in and out of the suit. The zippers have large T-handles that provide plenty of purchase when wearing gloves, helpful since the zippers are difficult to pull up or down. They work better after applying silicone lubricant (provided).

Extreme weather includes hot and cold. On each side of the chest and back are vents for airflow, which provide some (but not enough) relief on hot days. Of course, the vents should be closed when it is raining. Unfortunately, I experienced significant leakage through the supposedly waterproof vent zippers after riding more than an hour in heavy rain (leakage recurred when I stood in the shower for 10 minutes with water directed at the closed vents). When the mercury goes down, you must layer your own clothing underneath since no thermal liner is provided. You can pass the electric cord for heated gear through a hook-and-loop-sealed opening on the left side of the torso, which is designed to keep rain out.

The slightly pre-shaped fit of the Infinity is loose enough for the suit to be worn over layered clothing. Stiff at first, the suit softens after several days in the saddle. There are accordion stretch panels at the lower back, elbows and knees, an adjustable snap closure at the fleece-lined neck collar, and adjustable straps at the waist, arms and wrists. SaS-Tec armor with the highest CE rating is located at the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees (knee armor can be adjusted up or down). Storage options are limited to a small stash pocket on the right midtorso and two front cargo pockets with hand warmers at the waist. But at least these pockets are waterproof.

The Infinity has become my go-to riding gear for months, offering lightweight, versatile, convenient protection. It is perfect for the temperate climate of Southern California, where it rarely gets too hot, too cold or too wet. For a premium, go-anywhere suit, however, a few improvements are needed: the TIZIP MasterSeal zippers shouldn’t require lubricant; zippers should be added at the hips for easy access to pants pockets (especially important when worn as a commuter suit over regular clothes); more storage pockets should be added; and, above all, the chest vent zippers should be water-tight. Sizes include S-2XL standard, XL-2XL short and M-XL long; colors include black and light gray. MSRP is $1,299.99.

For more information: See your dealer or visit Rev’it


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