DaddyMac Easy-Tie Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps

Review by Steve Bohn
[This DaddyMac Easy-Tie Motorcycle Tie-Down Straps Review was originally published in American Rider magazine]

DaddyMac Easy-Tie Straps
DaddyMac Easy-Tie Straps

Sometimes, if you want to build a better mousetrap, all you have to do is tweak the old one. Steven Mack, inventor of the DaddyMack Easy-Tie, was tired of dealing with traditional motorcycle tie-down straps and their limitations. So he designed a new strap that combines the advantages of the two most popular styles of straps without any of their disadvantages.

The majority of today’s straps use either a buckle or a ratchet-style mechanism to hold the strap in place. The problem with buckle-style straps is they’re difficult to tighten sufficiently, although they can be easily released. Conversely, ratchet-style straps are easy to tension but hard to release because of all the tension on them.


DaddyMack’s Easy-Tie is actually three pieces in one: a ratchet-style strap, a buckle-style strap, and a soft-tie, all sewn together so you can’t lose any one piece. The black and orange strap and mechanical components are built in the USA with 1-1/2-inch, 5,000-pound nylon webbing sewn to an 1,800-pound buckle. A double box-stitch assures the seam is stronger than the webbing itself.

To secure your bike to a trailer, pickup truck, or table lift, attach the lower vinyl-covered hooks to your anchor points, place the neoprene-covered soft-ties around your handlebar, and slip the upper hooks through them. Next, straddle the motorcycle holding it upright between your legs, and pull up on the loose end of the strap. The motorcycle will now stand upright by itself. Get off the bike and crank down on the ratchets to lightly compress the forks, and your bike is secure. To release the straps, simply squeeze the buckle on the side of the bike opposite the kickstand (with the kickstand in the extended position) and remove them from the bike.

Whether you are hauling your bike cross-country, across town, or just securing it to a lift, DaddyMack’s Easy-Tie ($54.95 per pair suggested retail) makes it simple and secure.

For more information contact DaddyMack, 702-521-6969,


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