Techmount Motorcycle Accessory Mounting Tool Review

[This Techmount Motorcycle Accessory Mounting Tool Review was originally published in the January 2009 issue of Rider magazine]

Cell phones, PDAs, GPS units, iPods, satellite radios, radar detectors, FRS radios…so much technology, so many ways to mount it on your motorcycle.

From humble beginnings with its ingenious pop-in steering-stem mount, High Gear Specialties has grown its Techmount brand into an empire of aluminum alloy, a mountain of mounts for securing and displaying virtually anything worth looking at within easy reach on your bike.

My GPS unit came with one motorcycle mount, but I have two motorcycles I can use it with (the others seem to find their own way around the garage). I also wanted something sturdier for my Kawasaki KLR650 dual-sport, as the nac-nacs and triple jumps on my typical adventure tour could sometimes jar the standard mount out of position.

Techmount’s Off-Road Mount for 7?8-inch-diameter handlebars pivots on both ends of its stem, which allows a wide range of movement, but once tightened these pivots and the clamp lock solid, making it more resistant to shifting. Construction quality is excellent, too. Techmount machines all of its products from T6 6061 aluminum to close tolerances, then anodizes or chrome-plates them with a durable finish. All of the hardware is stainless-steel. I chose the black anodized finish for the Off-Road Mount to clamp on the handlebar of my KLR, but it also comes in silver. Many of the street mounts are available in chrome, too.

The good ol’ two-piece universal clamp system on this mount is designed for round-tube handlebars 7?8-inch in diameter and requires just 1?2-inch of bar space. The top plate can be rotated 360 degrees, as well as offset left or right from center. All of this adjustability makes it one of Techmount’s most popular systems. Holes in the top plate are pre-drilled to fit many GPS standard mounting plates, and Techmount also offers adapters for under $20 that you can leave on your electronic device and slide on and off its top plates.

Techmount has an extensive photo gallery, FAQ and installation instructions on its website that detail hundreds of mounting variations and products, so you’re bound to find a combination of mount or mount and adapter that will suit your particular need. The Off-Road mount goes for $74.95 with a one-year warranty and comes with the three Allen key sizes needed to install it, as well as a large square of marine-grade self-adhesive hook-and-loop for frequent device attachment and removal.

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