Cortech LNX Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review

[This Cortech LNX Women’s Leather Motorcycle Jacket Review was originally published in the October 2007 issue of Rider magazine]

Even though you’re reading the October issue, I’m writing this in July, and my favorite time of year is in full swing. One of the reasons I really like summer is because it’s easy to get suited up for a ride. All the bulky sweatshirts, turtlenecks and scarves stay neatly tucked away in my closet. Getting dressed isn’t a major production–a T-shirt and lightweight gear are all I need, and I’m on my way. It’s even better when the gear is designed specifically for women, like the LNX women’s leather motorcycle jacket, because it fits like it’s supposed to fit.

The LNX is available in traditional black, but take a close look at the other color choices, like the blue and white shown; pink and white; and leopard and white. It looks like a motorcycle jacket yet still has a feminine appearance. Most importantly, it’s constructed of 1.2-1.3mm top grain drum-dyed leather and has protective elements such as CE-approved shoulder and elbow armor. There’s also a back pad that fits perfectly in its pouch and doesn’t feel stiff or awkward, though it is not CE approved. The leather is supple and had an already broken-in feel. This, in combination with the stretch expansion panels at the shoulders, and rotated sleeves, make the LNX comfortable and non-binding while astride a variety of motorcycles.

Perforated panels in the leather run the length of the arms, 1 1/2 inches wide near the wrist bones and widening to 2 3/4 inches near the armpits. There are perforations under the arms and a 10-inch rear exhaust vent with two-way zippers at shoulder level. A good amount of airflow circulates up my arms and around my upper chest area. We’ve had a burst of humidity in SoCal, and the LNX has been perfect for my commute the last month, with temperatures in the high 60s and low 70s in the morning and high 80s heading home. It turns out that I was fooled by the LNX’s appearance, as it kept me warmer than I thought it would when temperatures dropped, thanks to the zipout insulated liner. The liner has elasticized cuffs for a somewhat snug or not-so-snug fit around the wrists, depending on your size, and the sleeves even zip off if you just want to wear a vest underneath the jacket. The liner’s not particularly heavy-duty so I can still feel air circulating over it. This is not a jacket you’d want for cold-weather riding unless you wear lots of under layers.

Cortech LNX Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Cortech LNX Women's Leather Motorcycle Jacket

If you’re looking for more airflow up the arms, open the 5 1/2-inch wrist zippers and snap it up at the wrists and you’ll get a real breeze flowing. The entire inside of the jacket is mesh lined, and there’s a full-circumference zipper and an 8-inch zipper for attaching to pants. Reflective piping is sewn on above the exhaust vent, and at night, white’s going to be more conspicuous than black.

Besides the overall classy look of the LNX, I like the thoughtful touches such as the flap of leather behind the main zipper that prevents wind from blowing through when you’re trying to stay warm, and the expansion panels and 4-inch zippers (with perforated panels) located on each side of the hips. The panels are especially welcome when I’ve overfilled my belly at lunch and get back on a bike. I only have one gripe about this jacket: It could use more pockets–especially since the handwarmer pockets are mesh lined and double as vents, when you wouldn’t be using them for storage. That leaves just one pocket–inside–that’s large enough to accommodate a sandwich, with a slightly smaller pocket on the liner. The downside to looking pretty in pink and white (or blue or leopard and white) is that dirt and bug splatters show up real well.

Another surprise about the jacket is the price: Based on the quality, I’d expect it to be priced higher than $219.99. The LNX is available in XS-XL and plus sizes S-L.

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